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8 Signs You’re Not A Shopper

Posted in Real Life
on March 18, 2016

Oh, this.. Would you believe me if I said I’m not writing this from personal experience? No? Didn’t think so. I am the worst shopper ever. How do I know? Well, basically every person I’ve ever went shopping with either rolled their eyes at me or stomped away frustrated with my lack of shopping patience.

Shopping has always been such a chore for me, hopefully you can relate.

Number One. Before your shopping trip you try to find what you’re looking for online because the idea of walking into a store tears at your heart. You’d rather get what you need online and think of shipping as a “convince fee” rather than and extra charge. Too bad they don’t have 5 hour delivery.

Number Two. After you place an online order the next 3-5 business days are like waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. You keep the tracking number up in Safari only to refresh it every 6 hours, reassuring yourself that your item is in fact on its way to you.

Number Three. You like the idea of shopping with a friend but halfway through the escapade you find yourself eyeing the clock and exit doors. TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Number Four. Shopping alone is stressful too. There you are, wandering around alone, while everyone has their own shopping buddy. You hold up pieces and think to yourself how nice it’d be if Becky were here.. but then reality sets in and you remember that Becky is an avid shopper. Keep roaming the store, something should pop out at you soon.

Number Five. If you don’t want anything in a store you feel awkward walking out with absolutely nothing. Almost as if you’ve lost a battle, against yourself.. again.. Wheres Becky?

Number Six. Fitting rooms are more your style. Maybe if you grab 20 items off the shelf 2 or 3 things will be worthy of coming home with you?? Its worth a shot.

Number Seven. You cringe at the thought of spending 30 dollars for a top in person, but online its totally acceptable. The anticipation of another package arriving at your doorstep makes up for that. Duh.

Number Eight. When you eventually make it home and take everything out of the bag you recite the same dialogue in your head as last time and you show the same scrunched up face of disgust. “Why did I get this?”. “Seriously?! This was a small on a medium hanger?!”. “Never wearing that, to the back of the closet it goes.”. “That was so much cuter on the mannequin.”. “Hey, at least these socks are cute.”.

Are you more of an online or in store shopper? Tell me, tell me! 


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