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Its My Birthday And I’ll Blog If I Want To

Posted in Life Lately, Real Life
on December 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to me! 25 whole years of living and boy do I feel like I should be a tad bit older by now! The first 19 years of my life were all fun and games, then I became a Mother at 20 and I learned a new, equally tiring, form of fun. However this Motherhood fun seems to age my mind quicker than my body. It’s give and take right?? Continue reading

Life, Lately

Posted in Life Lately, Real Life
on November 18, 2015

Quick update on the blog: Okay, my 7 day leave was a bit much. Don’t you think? In the back of my mind I’ve been rethinking my vision for this blog of mine. If you haven’t already noticed I designed myself a brand new banner. Pretty, huh? As far as my blog’s content, I’ve reorganized it a bit, and decided to delete some worthless ramblings that don’t really contribute to my vision for Stringfellow and Company. It’s a work in progress and probably will be for quite some time. I am a nit picker, and I’ve finally accepted that. Continue reading

Well, Hello November

Posted in Life Lately, Real Life
on November 4, 2015

This year is disappearing so quickly.

November snuck up on me.. as do all the other months of the year but NOVEMBER is seriously here already. I feel like just a few weeks ago my husband and I were celebrating New Years Eve with our closest friends.. Then I blinked and here we are, 4 short days into November. Continue reading