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3 Years Down And An Anniversary Questionnaire

Posted in Marriage
on July 7, 2016

We’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary you guys! I can’t even begin to describe how crazy and wonderful these 3 years have been. There have been great times and some hard times, however the good times will always outshine the troubles we’ve endured.

After 4 months of dating we were formally married on July 7th, 2013 in a courthouse. Our love was a thing that couldn’t wait, we were both eager to call each other our own. I wrote a snippet of our love story a few months ago, you can read that HERE.

What is something you learned about each other this year?

Shirri: My eyes were opened tremendously to how much effort he puts towards his work. He’s such a dang hard worker and for that I am so so proud.

Scott: That she doesn’t like the suburbs. Also, how hard she works towards making the most simple life possible.

Something NEW you love about your spouse.

Shirri: How great of a father he is. I always knew just how great he was but now that we have two boys I really admire how he juggles it all. He never misses a beat and both boys think he’s hung the moon. 

Scott: The fact that she’s getting out of her shell and becoming more outgoing. She’s more open to doing new things and meeting new people. I’m so proud of all the work she does for her blog. Also, how great of a mother she is to our boys caring for them and nurturing to them at all times of the day.

A habit that is driving you crazy.

Shirri: Oh my gosh.. Okay, when he cuts in line when there’s a lane merge. I can’t help but sink into my seat from embarrassment.  

Scott: She feels like she has to get done up for me every single day, when I tell her that she doesn’t need to and that she’s beautiful the way she is. 

Something thoughtful they did this year.

Shirri: He’s always so thoughtful but the one that sticks out the most is on Saturday mornings when I wake up to both boys situated and breakfast on the table. 

Scott: She loves printing out pictures and giving them to our families rather than keeping them on social media. She always takes care of our boys and gives them a smile every morning no matter if she isn’t feeling good. And how she loves me unconditionally.

A new tradition you’ve started this year.

Shirri: Random road trips. Were trying to be more spontaneous and make fun memories with our boys out on the open road. 

Scott: She took my answer.

A major accomplishment of your spouse this year.

Shirri: He’s been moving up at his job so quickly! 

Scott: Her blog. 

What brought you closer?

Shirri: When we were living in a town that made us so unhappy we really learned how to make our own happiness and appreciate all the good that’s within the walls of our home. 

Scott: When life wasn’t going according to “plans” how we both sat down and talked everything out to only make us build an empire in the Stringfellow household. How determined we both are to make the best possible home and environment for our growing boys.

Use 5 words or less to describe you as a couple.

Shirri: Unique, Driven, Responsible, Appreciative, Low-Key

Scott: Entertaining, Spontaneous, Generous, Wholesome, Inseparable

What has surprised you the most about being married?

Shirri: How simple and how challenging it can be all at the same time. Yes, he’s my husband, but he’s also my best friend and I’d be his roomie forever. 

Scott: The amount of work that it takes to build a healthy, strong, and everlasting marriage. And yet, how it’s still so easy to forget of all the work needed when were together. 

I’d like to thank my hubs for participating with me in this fun questionnaire. I know it’s tough opening up to the blog world but he seriously rocks it and he stands by me no matter what.

3 years down and a lifetime to go. I love you so much babe. Happy Anniversary! xoxo

Family Friendly 4th Of July Celebrations In Houston

Posted in Family
on June 28, 2016

Can you believe the 4th of July is upon us once again?! When it comes to celebrations Houston knows how to throw a party for all ages. From food, family fun, fireworks, and carnivals you’re bound to find something perfect for your family. So if you find yourself in Houston, Texas this holiday weekend I’ve gathered up a fun, small, list of events you should check out.

Family friendly 4th of July Celebrations In The Houston Area



photo via City Of Friendswood

Friendswood was my first home in Houston and it has a place in my heart. The celebration kicks off the morning of July 4th with a parade at 10 am complete with over 100 floats. Line up on the side of Friendswood Drive with your kiddos and watch the parade go by as it heads to Stevenson Park. After the parade enjoy live entertainment, great food, games and rides until 3:30 pm.

Starting at 7:30 pm at Centennial Park, in Friendswood, the fun starts back up again with more live music leading up to the amazing fireworks show at 9:20pm. We would always park in the HEB parking lot and watch the fireworks without the crowd in the park. HEB still was crowded but the comfort of your own vehicle may appeal better to some!

Visit the City Of Friendswood’s website to learn more!

Fireworks Over The Bay


photo via The Houston Chronicle

If the coast floats your boat the Kemah fireworks show over Galveston Bay is your best bet. Kemah is known for its fun Kemah Boardwalk; complete with a crazy wooden roller coaster that I went on ONE time, and will never attempt again. The boardwalk has something for everyone, barhop with your buddies, fun rides for the family, and shopping for the mamas.

This is a 2 day event starting July 3 with parades and family fun. The fireworks will start at 9:30pm on July 4th, over the bay, and you’re sure to find a great spot to watch them with your family. Get there early though, Kemah tends to get congested quickly!

The Katy Freedom Celebration


image via The Katy Times

In 2013 we watched these fireworks and they were AH-MAZING y’all. We lived about a mile from Katy Mills and would’ve watched them from our place, but our apartment was actually facing the wrong way. Huge bummer! We eventually realized that the parking lot and grass around the mall are free for parking. It was a great show!

Fireworks start at 9pm and they can be seen from the east side of the mall, close to Katy Fort Bend Road.  Definitely a must see!

Freedom Over Texas

EDITORS NOTE: COMPOSITE IMAGE NOT INTENDED FOR EDITORAL USE--Chevy's Freedom over Texas with fireworks by Shell 2006. Photo composite for display purposes only. Not intended for Editorial usage. (© 2006 Richard J. Carson)

(© 2006 Richard J. Carson)

Hosted by The City Of Houston, probably the most popular, Freedom Over Texas Celebration! Starting at 4pm you can head to Eleanor Tinsley Park and join the festivities. Live music, games, food, and tons of fun.. Before I forget. Hootie is among the live music this year! (Darius Rucker for all you youngings) and The Eli Young Band. Admission is required, click here for more info.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend! Remember why were celebrating and always keep our troops in your thoughts y’all!!

xo Shirri

Life Lately

Posted in Life Lately, Real Life
on May 13, 2016

Hey guys!! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on this blog of mine.. Im usually over on my Insta-blog and from there you can see what’s been going on daily!

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind! Of course I need to start by saying Wyatt is registered for school! I can’t even fathom how crazy our lives will be when he starts school but I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the best.


I realize now that my job as his mother has only just begun. I have a huge weight on my shoulders because I know that the rest of his life will flourish as much as he thrives in school.. If that even makes sense. What I’m trying to say is, I hated school growing up, I moved a lot and I never had a tight group of friends with me from grade to grade. I quickly became awkward and not motivated to excel in most things. I want need Wyatt to love school, make tons of friends, and know what he is capable of doing. Because that attitude will morph him into a successful young man.

And what mother doesn’t want a successful, handsome, charming young man??

I am super excited that I’ll get more one on one time with my toddler, Westin. We’ve never been able to get out and do things together because I never wanted Wyatt to feel left out. So I’m ready to see who Westin is without his brother around. Maybe he’ll be as lost as I am.. then we will realize how much we need each other in this time of need. (insert laughing crying emoji)


This weekend is looking to be quite busy as well! I hate being busy. It stresses me out and makes me sleepy. Tonight we have a sitter lined up just so my Husband and I can go shopping in peace. It’s sad when you kids make you avoid malls all together.

Sad but true.

We I will be putting together some fun colorful outfits for our family pictures tomorrow! As stressful and that makes me the end results are always amazing. Our photographer is the and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

We’ll be headed to the newest color wall in downtown Houston and I cannot wait! It’s so different than anything we’ve ever done and Im excited to see how downtown looks on us.

And last, but certainly not least. I will be headed to my very first Houston Bloggers Meet-Up this Sunday and I am ecstatically nervous.. Yes, thats a thing. The Houston Blogging community is so big and it really is such a tight knit group of friends. I can’t wait to meet up with some of ladies I met at the Thrive Blog Conference in February, here’s to finding my tribe!

The meet-up will be held at the Sugar & Cloth studio and if you don’t know Ashley and her amazing blog where have you been hiding all this time? She’s a nationally renowned DIY and lifestyle blogger and the epitome of all things awesome! Ashley will be talking about turning a blog into a business, so I’ll be all ears.


IMG_3028 resized

Carbs shmarbs.. We’ve been enjoying the taste of fresh blueberry muffins! The brand is Duncan Hines Simple Mornings and we are obsessed y’all! They are made with fresh wild Maine blueberries that come in a can and ARE NOT dried up and sad.

And that makes me happy.

I’m also pretty happy its Friday!

Theres some exciting things to come next week on the blog as I have partnered up with Nuby! Keep checking in!

Have a fantastic weekend y’all!!


8 Signs You’re Not A Shopper

Posted in Real Life
on March 18, 2016

Oh, this.. Would you believe me if I said I’m not writing this from personal experience? No? Didn’t think so. I am the worst shopper ever. How do I know? Well, basically every person I’ve ever went shopping with either rolled their eyes at me or stomped away frustrated with my lack of shopping patience.

Shopping has always been such a chore for me, hopefully you can relate.

Number One. Before your shopping trip you try to find what you’re looking for online because the idea of walking into a store tears at your heart. You’d rather get what you need online and think of shipping as a “convince fee” rather than and extra charge. Too bad they don’t have 5 hour delivery.

Number Two. After you place an online order the next 3-5 business days are like waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. You keep the tracking number up in Safari only to refresh it every 6 hours, reassuring yourself that your item is in fact on its way to you.

Number Three. You like the idea of shopping with a friend but halfway through the escapade you find yourself eyeing the clock and exit doors. TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Number Four. Shopping alone is stressful too. There you are, wandering around alone, while everyone has their own shopping buddy. You hold up pieces and think to yourself how nice it’d be if Becky were here.. but then reality sets in and you remember that Becky is an avid shopper. Keep roaming the store, something should pop out at you soon.

Number Five. If you don’t want anything in a store you feel awkward walking out with absolutely nothing. Almost as if you’ve lost a battle, against yourself.. again.. Wheres Becky?

Number Six. Fitting rooms are more your style. Maybe if you grab 20 items off the shelf 2 or 3 things will be worthy of coming home with you?? Its worth a shot.

Number Seven. You cringe at the thought of spending 30 dollars for a top in person, but online its totally acceptable. The anticipation of another package arriving at your doorstep makes up for that. Duh.

Number Eight. When you eventually make it home and take everything out of the bag you recite the same dialogue in your head as last time and you show the same scrunched up face of disgust. “Why did I get this?”. “Seriously?! This was a small on a medium hanger?!”. “Never wearing that, to the back of the closet it goes.”. “That was so much cuter on the mannequin.”. “Hey, at least these socks are cute.”.

Are you more of an online or in store shopper? Tell me, tell me! 


It’s Okay Part 2

Posted in Real Life
on February 24, 2016

A couple months back I posted part 1 to this “It’s Okay” series. You can read that by clicking here. It wasn’t meant to be a series but as life went on I felt the need to reach out to specific people and let them know that it is in fact oh-KAY. Continue reading