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DIY Farmhouse Shelves || Hello Spring!

Posted in All Things Home, Decor
on March 20, 2017
Diy Farmhouse Shelving

Hey there my friends!! I cannot believe Spring is upon us even though south Texas never even had an acceptable winter! Our grass stayed green, for the most part, and we still haven’t had to buy a rake since moving into our house a year ago this month!

With spring comes new decor, spring cleaning, organization and all sorts of fun things that I’m going to be sharing with y’all along the way. I’m super excited to show y’all my new farmhouse shelves that I’ve been meaning to hang since last March. Sometimes life just gets way too busy, but no longer!! Continue reading

How To Add Farmhouse Style To Any Home

Posted in All Things Home, Decor
on November 9, 2016
Farmhouse Style For Anyhome

When I think of a farmhouseΒ unfinished is the first word that comes to mind. The ever so popular farmhouse style has completely taken over. It’s molding into so many different decor styles; modern farmhouse, mid-century farmhouse, vintage farmhouse, and even cottage chic farmhouse, to name a few. Β I’ve been exploring my favorite farmhouse twists over the past few months and it’s safe to say I’m a mix of all of the above. Continue reading

Home Office Inspiration

Posted in All Things Home, Decor
on March 24, 2016

You guys!! Lets talk home offices, shall we? I’ve always wanted a home office, but lets be honest, I never really needed one. Now, however, I need a space to sit down and plan my work. Plus, we have accumulated so much paperwork! Between shot records, old hospital papers, and random medical bills, that show up 3 years after the date of service, I just cannot dare to go digital. I like my hardcopies y’all!

My home office inspiration is pretty straight forward. I’ve already purchased this desk from World Market, The Josephine, and I LOVE it. The top is glossy white lacquer and I can’t get enough of it. World Market is proving to be the only store I need in my life!

Josehpine Desk

The thing about farmhouse styles are, they all have white accents. White furniture is crisp, clean, and simple. The color of this desk will make my open home office, the former formal dining room, flow with the rest of my house, like my breakfast nook table for example.

I’ll add some shelving units and a big clock on the same wall as the desk to add some dimension. The shelves will give off more of my industrial look. My husband will actually make those industrial shelves, it’s super easy and all you need is galvanized piping and your choice of wood. I’ll link the tutorial at the end of this post!

Im also doing a cute little gallery wall of some of my favorite printables, which will be a surprise till its finished! My office furniture will have a modern/industrial feel, accessorized with minimal farmhouse decorations.

Which is what I want, because It’s really the first room you see when you walk into the front door.

Another big factor, thats getting changed ASAP, is the dreadful light fixture, another “first see” when you walk into my home. Its got nearly 10 individual lamps throughout the entire thing and fake metal tassels hanging from each lamp. It’s being changed to an orb light fixture.. Although I can’t decide between a metal or wood one. What do you think?

Thats it for now! I don’t want to give too much away, Im trying to knock out these inspirations before we move in on Friday, but if I don’t, I won’t leave you hanging. As I’m unpacking and setting up you can bet I’ll have my camera on hand.

If you missed my living room and kitchen inspiration you can read all about that HERE

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josephine desk image// josephine desk

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