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Magnolia Silos Getaway

Posted in Adventures
on January 3, 2016
Magnolia Market

You guys!! So Saturday morning, January 2nd, my husband comes up to me and tells me to pack the boys an overnight bag because we are going somewhere. When I asked him where he wouldn’t even tell me, finally he told me that it was about 3 hours away and that it wasn’t San Antonio. I immediately squealed because I knew we were finally going to Waco to visit the famous Magnolia Silos. Continue reading

We Had A Park Day

Posted in Adventures
on September 30, 2015

Today the boys and I enjoyed the cooler weather at a new park. By cooler I mean that it was still 90 degrees but we had a pretty consistent breeze. This was by far my favorite park I’ve ever taken them to. There are about 5 separate playgrounds within this one park, and ALL of them have baby swings. I’m not quite sure why its so hard to find baby swings in our town, but I’m glad that I finally did! Continue reading