Sleep Training Tips With Nested Bean

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on September 6, 2017
I received a Nested Bean Sleep Sack free of charge in return for this post and my honest review. After using the sleep sack for a week I’ve already seen a drastic change in nightly feedings! As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Use code PR-SHIRRI15 for 15% off your own Nested Bean purchase!

Sleep training is the process of helping a baby fall asleep by themselves and staying asleep through the night, slowly but surely. It can be a long dawning process but consistency is key, as with everything else in parenting, am I right? When sleep training comes to mind I know a lot of parents think of JUST the old fashioned cry it out method, and that’s fine. It’s definitely a step in my sleep training tactics for my kiddos when they move to their own crib around 5 or 6 months. In this blog post I’m going to highlight my best tips to help your newborn sleep, thus getting you more sleep!

Sleep training is always my first priority because my husband and I aren’t co sleepers. So any little thing I can do to make sleeping alone easier and comfortable for my child I’ll give it 110%!

When you’re trying to sleep train a baby as young as 4-6 weeks it’s easiest if you start by giving them 2 separate sleeping spaces;

A relatively quiet, but not so peaceful environment during the day, and a dark, relaxing and silent spot during the night. This will help baby’s brain grow learning that there needs to be a different sleep for different environments. I like to start this process almost immediately after coming home. We don’t tip toe around the house during the day, he cat naps in his rocker and as a result my newborn is able to sleep deeper during the night in his Halo Bassinest. Only waking up for feedings every 4-5 hours. Which if you go to sleep at 11pm and awake at 6am, like me, it’s only 1 feeding a night!

I know we’ve already made progress because he’s my best sleeper yet, but every child is different and you may run into sleep regressions along the way. Just keep doing what worked before the regression and power through. You’ll thank yourself later when your 8 month old is confident enough to sleep in their own room, giving yourself and your spouse that much needed alone time!

So to sum everything up, below are 3 of my most helpful companions that make this whole process easier.

  1. White Noise- Keeping a fan in my kids rooms has always helped drain out noise from the outside world tremendously. In fact, I still keep a little table fan in my 6 year olds room because without it he doesn’t sleep as well, and it shows. White noise for babies brings back memories of mamas quiet, comfy womb & when you’re sleep training it’s all about doing what baby is used to.
  2. Dark Rooms– You may think that sleeping at night shouldn’t be a hard thing for an infant but while you’re sleep training its crucial to help them learn day from night. Babies aren’t born with the ability to shut down once the sun sets, unfortunately, and it has to be completely taught from scratch. We like to keep our room as dark as possible at night time and during the day we aren’t afraid to open the blinds a make a little noise. The result? Our 6 weeker is able to self soothe himself to sleep after a bedtime bottle in the silence of our dark room, and he’s able to sleep longer in between feedings.
  3. Sleep Sacks + Temperatures– My family loves to sleep with a little chill in the air at night, after all we are in Texas, so having our infant zipped up in a sleep sack isn’t only the safest way an infant can sleep but it’s comforting for a little one to move around in while asleep without kicking off blankets. Blankets, stuffed animals and bumpers can all cause as a safety hazard for little ones during their nighttime slumber. We have been using a Nested Bean sleep sack that also mimics the weight of a hand being placed on baby’s chest. The cute little bird on his chest is filled with tiny beans that rests the perfect amount of weight on him. With the great production and quality I’m not the least bit worried about the beans falling out! He only wears it at night and it helps him self soothe back to sleep if a sudden jerk or movement he makes awakes him. It’s building a solid foundation for a great sleeper!
By the time Wade is 3/4 months old I expect to move his Halo bassinet, he’s already used to, into his own room making the transition from little bassinet to big crib much easier on him by month 5, maybe even sooner. As I said earlier, consistency is KEY. Stick to your guns and you’ll be sleeping through the night again in no time mama!
  • Dona

    When my daughter was born I thought that gentle rocking her to sleep is not a big deal. But day by day she wanted us to rock her longer and longer! When she turned 10 months I was really tired of it and I had to do something to make her fall asleep alone. After searching the internet I decided to get S. Urban’s guide about teaching a baby to fall asleep alone ( ) I’ve heard that sleep training is a long process. Well now I know that it’s not true! Took us 3 days to make my girl to fall asleep without rocking! This guide helped us a lot! Awesome help

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