Life Lately + 4th Trimester Update 

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on August 8, 2017

Oh my stars has it been forever since I’ve written something for the blog! I literally have a pit of sadness in my heart because our new home in the country isn’t quite equipped with wifi right now, therefore Stringfellow + Co has been on a little break.

Tear. 😢

You can see way more life updates on my Instagram, so I’d love it if you hopped over there and turn that follow button white!

Since my last entry SO much has happened. I’M NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE! I had planned a ton of final pregnancy posts but the reality of it all was THE LAST WEEKS OF PREGNANCY ARE SO HARD. I found myself planted on a couch or a bed 95% of the time. Between moving, unpacking, planning for our 3rd boy and planning a million times over I’m not sure how we even found time to eat. 😂

Just kidding, Stringfellow’s love their food.

On July 23rd we welcomed our newest little boy named Wade Roy Stringfellow. I was dealing with contractions for a week until he decided to show, labor was quick but we hit a stressful speed bump, and the first week home was BRUTAL, but that’s a story all it’s own that I’ll share soon!

God helped us through it and we’re all one big happy healthy family! We’re preparing for the next glorious school year starting in the coming weeks so life hasn’t quite slowed down enough yet.. beginning to think it never actually does!

I have great things in the works for ze blog in the coming months. And by great things I mean more content, awesome product features for baby and mama and a view into our cute new “farmhouse” and all the goodies my husband let me buy for it. Just grin and bear it, babe. 😘

I hope you haven’t forgotten about our cute little clan & I especially hope you’ve had an awesome summer! ☀️

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