Easy As Pie DIY White Marble Countertops

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on April 14, 2017
DIY White Countertops

A HUGE thanks to Instant Granite for providing product and helping to make all of our kitchen dreams come true! My favorable opinion of beautiful, high-quality products is 100% my own.

Happy DIY Friday friends! I’m so excited to share my kitchen reveal with y’all, especially since I’ve finally found a way to hide unsightly countertops the right way! It’s all coming together, slowly but surely! Let’s hop to it, shall we?! 

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of A Home

… and the countertops are basically the arteries, which makes total sense. 😉 They’re the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen and tan is not something I’d have in mind for them. Just.. yuck. 

The island is what we were working with, while it wasn’t crazy bad I knew it could be better. Note the countertops on the back wall are covered with regular old contact paper, it was a previous DIY that didn’t hold up great at all. So stumbling onto Instant Granite was such a lifesaver!

DIY Countertop Facade

I chose to cover our counters in White Italian Marble, however you can check out the other choices by clicking HERE. Installation was extremely easy, it’s one big roll of flexible vinyl. I promise you don’t have to be a DIY’er to get it done. The skills of wrapping a present or covering a book with a sticky book cover should suffice. 😉 Instant Granite was already deep enough for all of my counters, so I just needed to cut lengths.

Cleaning up has been a breeze. You can use products you would normally use, just nothing abrasive, clearly!

DIY White Countertops

DIY White Countertops

And just for funzies, heres a real life behind the scenes of this mini kitchen shoot. My toddler completely demolished my couch, only one area of my house is allowed to be picture perfect at a time. 😉

DIY White Countertops

I’m so excited to offer my readers a 20% off discount code so you can try this out for yourself. From now until the end of May 2017 use my code STRINGFELLOWANDCO20 for 20% off your purchase. If you need an idea on how much product you need my kitchen used nearly an entire roll of 3’x18′ size!

Will you be trying this DIY?!

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