DIY Farmhouse Shelves || Hello Spring!

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on March 20, 2017
Diy Farmhouse Shelving

Hey there my friends!! I cannot believe Spring is upon us even though south Texas never even had an acceptable winter! Our grass stayed green, for the most part, and we still haven’t had to buy a rake since moving into our house a year ago this month!

With spring comes new decor, spring cleaning, organization and all sorts of fun things that I’m going to be sharing with y’all along the way. I’m super excited to show y’all my new farmhouse shelves that I’ve been meaning to hang since last March. Sometimes life just gets way too busy, but no longer!!

Let’s Install and Decorate These Farmhouse Beauties!

So, first off these GORGEOUS shelves are from World Market and they are part of the Mix & Match Collection. I have 2 of these 3 ft organic edge shelves paired with the antique zinc brackets. I obsess over the wood and metal combo, it’s a sight for sore eyes!

DIY Farmhouse Shelves

These were super easy to hang up once you knew the process and kept the instructions close by. Studs, drywall and I do not mix but I still pulled it off without totally ruining the wall. πŸ™‚

Farmhouse decor is a new craze I just knew I had to get into.

I’ll blame it on Joanna Gaines and all the fabulous farmhouse Instagram pages that I constantly drool over, round up is soon to come! I love simplicity, always have. Exposed woods, simple colors, white dishes and bedding are what make my eyes happy. I think this style brings its decorators back to a less complicated time. Whether you grew up on a farm or not we can all relate to simple dishes, wooden spoons, galvanized steel and unfinishedΒ wood.

I’ve never seen a farmhouse that didn’t feelΒ fresh.

DIY Farmhouse Shelves

Diy Farmhouse Shelving

Farmhouse Shelves

DIY Farmhouse Shelves

That’s all this mama has time for today! Don’t you just LOVE this set up?! It’ll be perfect for decorating through all the holidays 2017 has to offer. Enjoy your week friends!

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