21 Weeks To Go.. || 1st Trimester Favorites

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on March 2, 2017

Is it bad I’m counting down rather than counting up??  So much has changed. The bump is in full effect and I no longer look like I’m packing a few extra pounds, strangers can finally tell that there’s a baby in there! I can’t lie though, I never toned up after my last pregnancy so the bump is weighing me down so much and I feel like I have a watermelon strapped to my mid section.

How far along: 18 weeks + 3 days

Cravings: COFFEE. I finally had to cave in and indulge. So before pregnancy it just so happened that my favorite drinks were all caffeinated, but I never drank them to gain energy. These days I NEED caffeine to tackle everyday to-do’s. But good Lord does it make me crash 2 hours later!

Aversions: They seem to have finally subsided, I’m able to eat anything I normally would but the way it may make me feel afterwards is a totally different story. Meals are basically russian roulette with me.

Mood: Mood is great! With my last pregnancy I was insanely angry towards my husband but this time around it’s as if my love for him has doubled. Ya’ll this baby is turning me into a basic school girl. I like looking at pictures of him throughout the day and I just want to give him the whole world right now! My highly emotional stage has passed but when something is able to make me cry I will cry hard.. (This Is Us)

How do I feel? I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and I can tell my family notices it. For a while there bathing my children was a task in itself and I felt so so terrible. Now I have my energy back and I feel as normal as I possibly can.

Body changes: I’ve gained 10 lbs as of late, and I don’t even care. My husband likes to joke that it’s literally all in my boobs, and that’s kind of what I’d like to think too. 😉 My skin has finally leveled out, I switched shampoo and my hair is silky once again and I’m finally able to wear maternity clothes without looking awkward. All is well with me soul. 😉

Below I’ve linked some of my ultimate must have’s for me throughout my 1st trimester!

I wanted to save the best for last as the last time I checked in we didn’t know a gender nor did we pick out any names. I’m happy to announce that we’ve been blessed with yet another BOY! I wont lie, I hyped up the idea of finally having a little girl so much, I was shocked.. but after the first trimester I endured I am just so gracious to have a healthy little one.

All 3 of our boys bear the names of great men in mine and my husbands life. Wyatt Edward’s middle name honors my amazing dad who my boys think hung the moon, and Westin Dale’s middle name honors my father in law which ironically enough he’s the spitting image of his grandfather. I’m very picky when it comes to names as I want them to not only fit the little boys who tear up my house but I want them to fit the grown men, husbands, and fathers they will grow up to one day be.

Our third, and possibly final, son will be named Bowen Roy Stringfellow and as I typed that up my arms were overwhelmed with chills. I fell in love with the name Bowen after literally googling “Unique country boy names” and I loved the idea of being able to simply call him Bo. He’ll be my youngest boy, my sweet Bo-Bo! Now while explaining Roy I’ll have to fight back the tears that overcome me as it’s the middle name of the man who raised and taught my father everything he knows. This name not only honors my father again but also my grandad, Eddie Roy, who left this earth entirely too soon.

How sweet is his little face y’all?!

My boys are walking odes to the great men they will grow up to honor and respect. Strong names as such deserve to be handed down and given to future generations to come. I’m in love with my future and I can’t wait for these 3 boys to tower me in pictures as they hug on their tiny mama.



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