And Then There Were 5

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on January 22, 2017

You guys!! It’s finally time! The moment I’ve been waiting to share on S+C is finally here! This was aΒ huge last minute decision because I had originally wanted to announce this pregnancy after we knew the gender of our sweet baby, but clearly I caved.Β 

I’ve always been a “wait till the second trimester” person when it comes to announcing, mainly because I like to see my close family and friends squirm while I watch them hold the biggest secret of their entire year. πŸ™‚

So in true pregnancy blog post fashion I’ve gathered some fun questions that I’ll answer monthly until we meet our sweet little one this summer!

How far along are you?Β 

12 weeks and 5 days. Due August 1st 2017!

Belly pic?Β 

After 2 kids your body apparently remembers where and how to shove certain organs to make room for baby.. and a lot quicker I might add! Maternity leggings are life.

12 Weeks Pregnant

Any symptoms?Β 

I was greeted by 1st trimester nausea nearly every. single. day. I’m just now starting to feel like myself again and eating big meals! Night time heartburn is already kicking in and I wake up twice a night to pee! I’m ALWAYS tired but lately it’s been easier to deal with.

Cravings? Aversions?Β 

Milk. Milk. Milk. I’m constantly chugging glasses of milk. Chocolate Chip Fraps from Starbucks, mexican food (nothing new) and grapes. Earlier in my first trimester I could not eat beef, but thankfully that is over! Other than that I don’t have many aversions…yet!


We have yet to find out the gender and I honestly couldn’t even guess based on my symptoms. Both my boys pregnancies were total opposites so all wives-tales mean nothing to me! We’re hoping for a little girl to end our clan but we’d be thrilled with another boy! It’s safe to say Wyatt wants another brother because “girls are mean”. πŸ™‚

Do you plan to do anything differently with this baby than your others?Β 

I definitelyΒ planΒ to try new things but I really wont know for sure if I can jump out of my old mother to a newborn tendencies. Both my boys were bottle-fed but I’m still not sure if I want to give breastfeeding a go, especially on my last child, while chasing after my first two. If I do it I want to make sure I can give it my all! It was a personal preference and I can proudly admit that. I totally want to try baby wearing in public because lugging that car seat is dreadful! I’m HUGE on sleep training my kiddos, so co-sleeping still isn’t an option for me. My sanity depends on how much uninterrupted sleep I get alone, in my own room.. Just ask my husband.


I don’t think I’ve felt any movement yet but then again I’m usually too tired or too busy to look for any!Β Regardless, we are all impatiently awaiting this summer as this is most likely going to be our last baby. I’m looking to the future with excitement knowing we’ll have 3 children out in the world making families of their own one day and coming home for Christmas with tons of grandkids in tow! πŸ™‚

And of course I’m so excited to share my last pregnancy with all of you! Here’s to a great adventure in this great new year of ours!


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