Looking Back On Year One

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on October 7, 2016

One whole year has come and gone, in an instant it seems. On September 22nd, 2015, I posted the very first chapter of Stringfellow + Co. To refer to my action as nerve-wracking is an understatement. As I was writing up that first post titled “The Start Of Something Great” I could hear the doubts spinning through my head. ‘Looking Back On Year One’ is a title I never saw coming. To be completely honest I figured I’d get bored with blogging and push it aside, as I do with most of my aspiring hobbies.

1 year, 72 entires, a couple viral posts, and a crap load of sleepless nights

Maybe those stats aren’t as impressive as I think, but I’ve put my heart and soul into my little corner of the internet and I can only hope it shows. Blogging is tough work and if anyone says otherwise then they aren’t doing it right. I’ve had my MIA weeks where I was so overwhelmed by simply looking at my laptop, and that’s okay, just keep going.. So long as you jump back on that train and keep pushing through your hard work will pay off. It’s been a year, and I’m ready to celebrate! I’d like to take you on a mini road trip showcasing my journey, let’s do this F.R.I.E.N.D.S style, shall we?

 The One With My First DIY

DIY Vintage Highchair

I loved this project so much!! I remember finding that high chair online and trading the owner a Fossil bag for it. It was a moment of great success, not only was I proud of my haggling but I was overjoyed with how I documented the whole process and wrote it up. This post still circles around Pinterest, just racking in those views!

The One Where I First Wrote What Was Really On My Mind

Titled “Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mom“.. This one was tough. To be honest, it sat in my drafts for quite some time before I gained the confidence to press publish. I felt like I was on a soapbox and that the reader would take me as a grade A complainer, but then I realized that I needed to post it. It’s my raw feelings and deep thoughts, and those thoughts are what my readers needed to connect with my blog. I was rewarded 10 fold with the sweet comments after it. #score

The One About Postpartum Depression

If you haven’t had the chance to read my story about PPD I strongly urge you to do so. Again, I was hesitant to share such a personal story about the lowest point in my life. However, PPD is a serious condition that shouldn’t be looked over or underestimated. Looking back, this has to be one of my favorite posts, I was unfiltered and left nothing to the imagination when it came to that situation. If that post helped just one new mother find the help she needed, then I have done my job as a blogger.

The One On My Birthday

What a great day that was y’all, this post definitely shows it!! I had been blogging for nearly 3 months on an old Dell laptop that wouldn’t hold a charge. My husband got me my Macbook on my birthday and I wrote that entry within 20 minutes of unboxing that baby. I believe I also shared a lot of the tendencies that make me me. My quirky humor and random thoughts bring a chuckle to my life more than they probably should, but hopefully they made you laugh as well!

The One Where We Took A Family Trip To Waco

Magnolia Market

Two words.. Magnolia Silos. Because why else would we go to Waco?! This trip was, and still is, the highlight of this year. This post  brought me from 300 Instagram followers to nearly 600 followers, in a matter of days! It was SHARED by the Magnolia Market Instagram!! Yes, if you’re wondering, I totally squealed my little butt off and died. My page views on this post skyrocketed, and even to this day it’s still being re- pinned on Pinterest nearly 10 times a week. UN- REAL.

Those are all I can fit in today without sharing a novel! Keep a lookout for part 2!

Do you have a favorite from this list?!

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  • Suzanne Hines

    This is a fabulous post! I can’t believe how far you’ve come in a year..it has taken me years to even get going! You are rocking this blogging gig!

    • Shirri

      Thank you so much Suzanne!!

  • I just launched my blog last week so I love seeing how your first year has gone! It gives me hope. haha. I love that you said you just kept going. That really helped me, so thanks! congrats on one year!!


    • Shirri

      Your blog looks great girl!! So excited to watch you grow!

  • Congrats on making it to a year! It looks like you’ve had some great success so far! I love when you say that you “squealed my little butt off and died,” HAH – I totally get it! <3

    • Shirri

      It was nothing short of that, I promise you! Haha!

  • Patricia

    I have know idea how I missed your Magnolia trip but that’s amazing! Love this roundup!

    • Shirri

      Thanks Mama!! We’ll be back in December and I plan to do another post about it!!

  • Kristen Carlson

    Love the thought of looking back on the past year of blog posts! Congrats on making it a year!!!

    • Shirri

      Thanks so much!! It was a nice “journey” writing it!

  • Love this! 600 IG followers? You’re way above that now! Killing it!

    • Shirri

      Thanks girl!!

  • Jacki Quinones

    Love all your posts but I love your PPD story. I can relate so much and I love when women push their fears aside and share their stories in hopes of helping someone else.

    • Shirri

      I’m so glad!! It was definitely tough to publish but we are here to help others, and I wouldn’t take it back for anything!

  • Lindsey Lyons

    I love this recap!! Congrats on your 1 year!

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