Friday Favorites: iPhone Apps For The InstaBlogger

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on September 30, 2016
Best Iphone Apps

Okay y’all, my iPhone goes everywhere with me. It’s my lifeline and we are connected at the hip. I do so much with my iPhone; from social media, to blog maintenance, and photo editing. My iPhone is like my little assistant and I’d be so lost without it. I wanted to share my favorite apps, especially the ones I use every single day. Let’s get to it!


I’ve been using this app since I decided to give my Instagram a very specific aesthetic, VSCO is my ol’ faithful. Fun fact for you.. you’re most likely to get a loyal, engaging following if your images are bright, crisp, and consistent. I love how I can copy and paste my edits to give my feed a uniform look. My most prized filters are A6, C1, and HB1. They all give a crisp touch to my, otherwise darker, pictures.


Another Instagram helper. Once you’ve figured out the vibe that you want your Instagram to give off, it’s very important to keep things visually consistent. With the Planoly app I’m able to upload and schedule pictures and see them in real-time on my feed before I publish them. Planoly will not post your images completely automatically, it’s against Instagram’s terms and conditions and you can get in some hot water for it. Instead, you’ll receive a notification that a post is due, and your text will automatically copy to your clipboard. Then you’re sent to Instagram and it’s as easy as copying and pasting. The app itself is free, but a paid subscription is needed after a free trial. I pay $8.99 a month, in which I also get metrics and analytics from my Instagram page.


I like to use this photo editor when my pictures don’t need a dramatic filter. Priime is great when it comes to low-key filters. Plus, it’s brightness tool is amazing. This app comes preloaded with 8 filters and they explain in detail what kind of image would work best with this filter. I love the simplicity of it so much!


WhenToPost let’s me know what my best posting times of the day are. The more you have your account linked to the app, the more data it’s able to get. I love being able to see when my followers are projected to be surfing Instagram, especially after the new algorithm update! This is a free app but you can pay extra for their “toolkit” which includes graphs, top days of the week and top times for your entire week ahead. Remember, regardless of the best post times, you’ll always get just as much engagement as you give out. Show the love and you’ll get it back 10 fold.

What are some of your must-have apps?


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