How To Care For Bleached Hair

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on August 4, 2016

We all know that brunettes would give anything to be blondes at some point in their lives. I think of it as a ‘brunette right of passage’. You have to be totally and indefinitely committed to the bleached lifestyle, and all the maintenance that comes with it. Kudos to all the natural blondes, seriously!

How To Care For Bleached Hair

I’ve always had healthy hair, then in high school I decided to bleach it myself and after that it never grew like it used to. Plus, it was super orange and brassy and I just didn’t keep it up like I should have. So recently, I decided to give blonde another shot, and after consulting with my hair colorist I am obsessed with the results! I received some great information on keeping up blonde hair color so I wanted to share my tips!

Theres a 90% chance your hair is FRIED. After bleaching your, once brilliant brunette, locks will be in quite some shock. This is not a time to panic, if you get home and some ends are the texture of HAY dab on some oil, I like to use Oribe Gold Lust, and let it be. Don’t jump right into a deep conditioner for at least 24 hours. The picture below was taken right after I left the salon, because everyone pays and rushes to take a selfie in their car, right?? My ends weren’t whispy nor, were they soft.. This was also before I ever used a toning shampoo!

How To Care For Blonde Hair

Invest in a toning shampoo. This will keep your blonde bright and brass free. I use Shimmer Lights 2-3 times a week for precautionary reasons. My hair always pulls a red tint, and I am not about to be a strawberry blonde.

Deep condition, finally. So you made it through the 24 hour rest period. If the oil didn’t suffice congratulations, you’ve graduated to deep conditioning. I picked up a new deep conditioner and I am blown away. Aveda Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment will blow your socks off, faux blondies. The complex in this treatment strengthens the hair from the inside out. Use a deep conditioner once a week, leave it in as long as you deem best, and rinse to see amazing results.

Daily leave in treatments are your BFF. Keep in mind that with styling comes damage, now that you are blonde your hair strands are MUCH more fragile. Don’t skimp on a daily leave in, not now and not ever. I’ve been using Aveda Damage Remedy after every wash to give my hair a boost of moisture.

Boot the blow dryer. I realize telling you to style your hair a little less may be out of the question. Since bleaching, I’ve really noticed how fragile my hair is to heat. Most days, if I absolutely need to blow dry, I’ll dry my roots and half way down my head, leaving the ends of my hair to air dry while I put on make up.

Satin, satin, satin. Invest in a luxury satin pillow case, not only will it keep your hair tangle free until the morning, your face will thank you as well. (satin is easier on skin than cotton) I’ve never been able to go more than 3 days without washing my hair, I am a crazy sleeper and I wake up with a bird’s nest on my head. Since I’ve had my satin pillow case my second day hair is much more manageable and soft!

Since practicing good blonde care my hair has literally never been healthier! It doesn’t tangle easily, like before, and it’s definitely much more manageable. You can shop my picks mentioned in this post from the widget below! Happy bleaching!

How To Care For Blonde Hair

  • Love the hair girl! If I ever take the plunge again I’ll be sure to follow these steps!