How To: Effectively Network As An Introvert

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on July 21, 2016

It’s no secret that I am an introvert. In fact, one of my very first posts was about how introverted I really am WAS. (I have gotten a smidgen more outgoing since the beginning of Stringfellow + Co) You  can read that post by clicking here.

You don’t really notice how much of a community comes with blogging. There are friends and connections to be made constantly. As a blogger, if you want to succeed you need to show up and make appearances. It’s important for other bloggers to get to know you as a person, not just another blogger typing away at their computer.

I am no pro at networking, although as an introvert my mind is always racing. I can read vibes better than the extrovert in the room and I have common sense on how networking is supposed to go. It’s my introverted personality that tends to eat at my brain, listing all the things that could go wrong. A few weeks ago I attended a mixer for the Thrive Blog Conference alumni, it was my second time meeting up with some of the ladies who went to the same conference and my anxiety was through the roof. Here are some of my networking as an introvert takeaways and tips from that event.

Networking as an introvert

So how do I get my introvert personality to shine through when I’d rather be quiet and out of the spotlight?

Attend as many events as you possibly can, without awkwardly forcing yourself of course. This is especially helpful when you don’t know anyone else in attendance. The first few events will be nail biters, but once you show up people will begin to put a person to a blog name and you’ll get great exposure. From then on being the odd person out won’t be an issue.

Speak to everyone you make eye contact with. The second your eyes meet another person walk on up and introduce yourself. A simple ”hello” may seem like a hard concept for most introverts so keep a notepad with you, listed with conversation starters, and don’t fall short of what you’re capable of. Plus, you’ll be able to give yourself major kudos for initiating a conversation yourself.

Networking as an introvert

Give before you ask. When it comes to business cards, that is. Walking up to someone and handing them a business card strikes a conversation. It gives you the chance to introduce yourself and your brand. If you’re confident in your brand this should be easy to execute.

Ask questions. Group conversations can be awkward. Introverts don’t like interrupting others, nor do they think their points are worth the troubles.  The second a question pops into your head hold on to it and make yourself voice it. Chiming in with questions lets others know you’re involved and passionate about why you’re there.

Networking as an introvert

SMILE. An obvious one here. When in doubt– break out that smile. I find that it’s much easier to walk through a room knowing I’m smiling than walking around like a lost sad puppy. You’re only as approachable as the look on your face, keep it happy!

Networking as an introvert

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