Getting Ready For Kindergarten

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on July 14, 2016

Our oldest son is starting kindergarten next month!! I knew that these days would come but the past 5 years have flown by entirely way too fast. Wyatt will walk into those elementary school doors and I’ll have to leave him. I’ll drive home with his little brother in the seat behind me and we’ll be lost when we get home. When Westin naps I’ll be alone, with a lazy dog, until he wakes up from his nap or Wyatt’s day ends at 3:15.

I can’t even begin to think about it, or I swear I will bawl my eyes out.

We registered Wyatt in May and I quickly learned just how much work goes into preparing a child for the classroom. Since then I have been working non-stop preparing my “little” boy for school. I’ve put together my tactics, if you will, and passing them along for good use!

Preparing your child for Kindergarten doesn’t have to be stressful

Of course I say this out of experience. At Kindergarten Round-Up there’s a good chance you received a sheet of paper reiterating all the things your child should know before stepping into the classroom on the first day of school. If you’re like me, a heated ball of anxiety and sorrow, you quietly contemplated a summer program to get a kick-start on things. Obviously that’s not necessary.

After a little bit of research, and wine, I tailored a fun program for my son and I to do together this summer!



Kindergarten Printables

First up, we cracked down on writing his name correctly. Capital first letter, and the rest lowercase. I found these printables on They are a free, customizable download and I’ve printed out many of these babies. All of which are pinned up against our fridge for the world to see. Powerful Mothering is filled with tons of learning resources and I urge you to subscribe!

Kindergarten Printables


Good ole flashcards

Kindergarten Flash Cards

Flash cards have always been my go-to. The simplicity of it reminds me of when I was in school, do you remember those long rectangular cards that were binded together at one corner? And you just flipped them around making one huge circle of cards?? Gosh, those were the days. Flashcards have worked wonders with my son. He’s a visible learner, much like I am, and we have fun with it.

Counting sweets



Teachers expect your children to count to 80 when entering kindergarten, 30 at a minimum. (I’m sorry, but this one is absurd.) Any who, we’re still working our way up that ladder. Counting those little Lego looking cubes just aren’t my sons cup of tea. So, I had to break out the goods; marshmallows, M&M’s, cookies, and chocolate chips. All of which made him very eager to get his numbers in order.

Another idea would be to use big marshmallows and toss them into random things around the house, counting the winning tosses as they go.

Learning needs to be fun, and at times you need to get creative when teaching a first timer the ropes.

For bonus points, I’ve finally gotten my son used to the idea of trusting someone he’s just met; his teacher. If your child will be leaving their comfort zone, which is you, for the first time ever- try telling them that the teacher is your friend. This has helped my son tremendously. Especially since he knows mama has a couple of cool friends and in his own words, “they seem pretty cool.”.

If you have a first timer starting school next month what methods are you using to prepare your child?

  • My kiddos are going into grades 2 and 4 this year and I’m almost as emotional about it as I was when they started kindergarten! When does this parenting gig get easier? 🙂 I love the printables and counting sweets is such a great idea! You’ve got this, mama.

    • Shirri

      I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the whole school thing!! Thanks girl! Little steps at a time!

  • Counting treats is a great idea! My kids love that kind of thing. And yes to flashcards, they’re so easy to use and you can bring them with you anywhere!

    • Shirri

      So true!! I love the simple things!

  • These are such great tips, Shirri! I know my little pre-schooler will have fun with these. I think I’ll start practicing these now, and I love love love the printable. Too fun!

    • Shirri

      Thanks girl!! It’s never too early to start! I wish I would’ve started sooner!

  • My third child is starting Kindergarten next month and she will be the youngest in her class. She doesn’t turn 5 until a few weeks before school starts. After much discussion with her preschool teacher and several other people, we do believe she’s ready. She cannot, however, count to 80 yet. Haha! I actually recently made an educational busy bags binder that we use every day to practice her skills and I downloaded all the recommended Kindergarten iPad apps. It’s definitely going to be a tough transition for me, but she’s so excited! Good luck!

    • Shirri

      I think 80 is a tad much!! It’ll be a learning process for us both! Have a great school year!!

  • Brittany

    I love this post girly! You did a great job rounding up items for your Almost kindergartener!

    • Shirri

      Thank you!!! ❤️❤️

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