DIY Faux Marble Countertops

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on May 20, 2016

If you gave me a dollar for every time I heard someone say their countertops were ugly I’d probably have like $20 or so.. Because I don’t know many people, and even less I do know really don’t care about their countertops… If this isn’t you than you’re in luck!

I absolutely hated my countertops. They were a pale yellow, almost like they were once white, but still YELLOW. We’ve been living in our new home for 2 months now and I’d be lying if I said the countertops almost made me say “no” to this house. It’s an updated, custom home by a well known builder and I just couldn’t understand why they skimp on kitchens! My biggest pet peeve is when kitchens don’t blend with the rest of the house. We have white counters in our bathrooms for crying out loud!!

Anyways, I finally found a fix. A fix that is helpful to the renter, or even someone who wants a kitchen revamp, but not the cash that comes with it.

White marble countertops can run you anywhere from $125-$250 per square foot.. Trust me, I already stalked Home Depot and Lowes. Those prices are disgusting, and Im just not ready for that much commitment.


You’ll have to excuse the dark background, I took this picture before one of my very first DIY’s where I used this liner in my IKEA Nightstand Hack.

You can purchase rolls just like these at Lowes. Each roll is 20 inches by 15 feet, and it goes A LONG WAY. At $6.97 a roll you’re coming in way under budget, and you have nothing to loose.

I started lining my countertop around my kitchen sink, I figured if I could cut it out to form one big piece around the skin, than the rest of my counters would be a breeze. I used my husbands trusty pocket knife to cut around the sink, a small razor blade or X-Aacto knife would do as well. Just make sure its extremely sharp.

countertop rs

As far as tips go, the biggest piece of useful advice I can give you is to be patient. Working with a long rolled up liner may have been my biggest test when it comes to my patience. Cut it off the roll and get some things around the house to use for paper weights.


The picture above is after I finished the first line and cut the edge off the ledge.. In hindsight I wish I would’ve went underneath the ledge with it, instead of cutting it right at the ledge. Because I thought this was a good idea, I then had to go back through and attach the edges separately, which looks just fine, but its an unnecessary step. Learn from my mistakes y’all!

If you look closely you can see that the lining isn’t wide enough for the entire counter, don’t panic, just cut a smaller piece and overlap it to bring it up to the wall. No, you won’t notice a seam, even if you don’t have decor to cover your counter.

No one will notice unless they are close enough to smell your countertop, and thats just weird if they are.

Moving on! After I finished the edges and bringing the liner up to the wall I was shocked! In this picture you can see I brought it down underneath the edge of the counter after I learned my lesson, and there’s also 3 or 4 different pieces covering this corner. Can’t tell can you?


So here’s the rundown. This is a pocketbook friendly, dramatic kitchen DIY. There will not be any obvious seams whatsoever because the main color is white, no need to match the pattern up exactly. It cleans just as the old counter did, maybe even better because some formica is somewhat textured and rough, this vinyl liner is a somewhat glossy finish. Its held up wonderfully with sitting water but I recommend getting some clear sealant and running it around the sink just to be sure. Sealant can easily be peeled back when its time to move.

Keep on scrolling’ to see some more pictures!





Are you going to try this DIY? If you do send me your after shots! I’d love to see them!

  • Yes! I have been waiting for this post! It looks SO good! Just out of curiosity, do they have other “stone” like granite or something? I love the marble but don’t think it’d look great in our kitchen. Thanks!

    • Shirri

      Thanks Chelsea! I didn’t see any other shades on the shelves but I’m sure you could find a good variety on Amazon or something!

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