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on April 8, 2016

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This product was gifted to me in return for an honest review. As always the views and opinions expressed down below are 100% my own! Im keeping it real y’all!

Madison Reed

Let’s talk hair you guys!! As a new Madison Reed Affiliate I could not be more excited to share my experience with you. Let’s just start off by saying, I was voted most likely to color my hair in high school.. True story!! Those definitely were not my glory days and I did some major damage to my hair, it hasn’t been the same since. I’ve never been one to sit down and get my hair done either, unless I need something done that I can’t do, like highlights or something, I’ll do it myself.

I’ve had my eye on Madison Reed for quite some time now and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them too because lately they’ve been everywhere! It was my sign to go ahead give it a try.

MR Post

So there it was, laying open on my desk. As I unloaded this baby I realized exactly what the hype was. Included is everything you would ever need to get your home hair dye job done, effortlessly. You get the color, developer, shampoo and conditioner, a hair cap, barrier cream so the dye doesn’t stain your skin and a cleansing wipe incase any mess-ups occur. Which I obviously used because I’m a klutz.


Madison Reed color is handcrafted in Italy, and those women over there have gorgeous hair!! They have found a way to deliver salon quality results without all the harmful irritating chemicals like ammonia, gluten, parabens and PPD. Which do nothing but irritate the scalp, dry out, and strip your hair from its natural oils. Madison Reed prides themselves on keeping this hair color in a low chemical profile. Using Argan Oil, which is non greasy, helps to tame frizz, promotes a healthy shine, and even triggers hair growth. Keratin, which smoothes hair and leaves it silky smooth. Ginseng Root is in this magical formula too, it can also promote hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, and improving the health of hair follicles cells.. which prevents hair loss!

Are you not entertained?! Take a look at my hair before using Madison Reed. It was neglected, straight up, no doubt about it, in need of some serious TLC. I had no idea how bad it was until after I used Madison Reeds products. I’d let the pictures speak for themselves BUT I have even more to say. Duh.

MR collage

When you head over to the Madison Reed website you’ll be promoted to fill out a hair profile which will then show you the colors that suit you best. Which is great because if you skip too many shades your color can be tarnished and you’ll get something you never even wanted in the first place. I was recommended to try Venezia Brown and I am LOVING it y’all. Its pretty close to my natural color, which I think suits me even better.

The hair love doesn’t just stop there, Madison Reed offers more than just hair color, they offer color reviving glosses, styling products, shampoo and conditioner, root touch up powder, and so much more!

I’m more than happy with my results and its safe to say I will never use another drug store box color again. Find your perfect hair color now!

  • I think I’m going to give them a try! I love the auto order feature too since I’m always slacking on recoloring my hair.

    • Shirri

      I hope you do! I was very impressed with my color, which rarely happens with regular box color!

  • Hello, what color did you used? thank you!

    • Shirri

      I used to Venezia Brown shade!

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