10 Things Non Bloggers Need To Know About Bloggers

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on April 1, 2016

We get it. One day your friend is a normal person, and then all of a sudden she’s working her way up to a socialite. She’s got a ton of social media buddies and her life revolves entirely around her blog. It happens in an instant, and as with any passion, bloggers absolutely love what they do.

1 The blog is on our mind, literally, 24/7.

Don’t try to change that. We aren’t over sharers or social media whores, were simply doing what our blog needs us to do.. share our lives!! If we wake up and there’s perfect lighting you can bet we’ll drop everything and snap a picture. If were walking through a store and notice a picture perfect display you can bet your bottom dollar we’re going to get eye level with it and snap a picture. When our food gets to the table you better make sure it’s ALL staged properly so we can SNAP A PICTURE. Pretty pictures don’t just happen guys. Its actually a lot of work, and we need you to cooperate.

2 We aren’t living in a fantasy world.

We don’t sugar coat things just to get popular and we certainly don’t fake our lives to seem more appealing to certain audiences. Bloggers are probably the most real people you’ll ever encounter on the internet. Our main goal is to relate to our readers and followers. It’s literally all for you.

3 Internet trolls can’t ruin our day.

Sometimes we’ll get someone whose main goal is to tear us down, spit on our work, and roll on like nothing happened. They read our blogs only to get to the bottom and leave a nasty anonymous comment about how we voiced our opinion on our blog and ruffled their feathers. Thats fine, because Google Analytics still counted their view, and it logged in how much time they spent typing up that dumb comment. You can’t rain on our parade because for every negative theres a million more positives. So stick your straw in that and suck it.

4 We are nothing without natural light.

Cloudy days are the worst and dark pictures can make our skin crawl. Without that sweet light from Mr. Sun rooms aren’t well lit, nature isn’t as glowing as it can be, and flatlays would be just that.. flat.

5 We may ask you to take a million pictures.

Please just do it. Selfie sticks and tripods can only do so much. And some of us just don’t have the funds to pay for a professional photographer when we really need one. Take the camera and help a girl out!

6 We’re glued to our phones.

There, I said it. We’re constantly on our phones because thats where our readers are. Social media is a major factor when it comes to a blog succeeding and social media needs to be updated more than our blog, daily instead of weekly. Don’t underestimate how hard it is to get, and keep, a social media following. Pictures need to be edited, comments need to be replied to, and we need to engage with other bloggers, 24 hours of every day, minus sleepy time. Duh.

7 We’ll use any opportunity to talk about our blog, blog friends, Instagram etc.

If you’re married to an avid blogger I’ll just go ahead and personally say I’m sorry. Sometimes the only thing left to talk about is the blog, we’ll tell our friends or significant others what Becky commented on the picture we took yesterday or how many followers we gained last week. We’ll try to get some input thinking it’ll lead to some non blogger insight when really their eyes just glaze over 10 minutes in. We’re sorry! It’s our thing, and our thing is worth bragging about.. To us anyway.

8 Our blog friends are our real friends,

regardless if we’ve ever met face to face or not. We can build relationships quickly. We exchange our numbers all the time and we’ll chit chat about everything under the moon. We love our blogger friends because it’s nice to have someone to relate within the blog world. So the next time you see a blogger shout out to her blogger BFF you should go to her page, theres a 100% chance you’ll love her just as much.

9 Friday nights are when our blogging brain truly shines though.

At least for me, I hope others can relate. Happy Friday by the way!! Our real life friends, and even our significant others, may question our desire to do this but sometimes a Friday night can be a gateway to our best blogging ever. Oh, we will pour that glass of wine, stack up our notebooks and colorful pens, crank up that laptop and make magic happen. Friday night blogging is definitely a thing.

And as a bonus, sometimes we’ll stare at our screen for half an hour trying to come up with number 10 instead of awkwardly ending at 9.

But eventually we’ll give up and press publish anyway.

Bloggers! What are some things I didn’t include?! If you’re not a blogger feel free to chime in as well!







Bloggers 21 Questions
  • Yes! This is definitely true. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only blogger out there like this!

    • Shirri

      Im happy you could relate!! Have a great weekend!

  • Haha, I had to laugh way too hard at this and it is soo, sooo true

    Honey, can we do a photoshoot today?
    Don’t eat that yet, I haven’t taken a picture yet (including a murmured stop complaining, it won’t get cold within 10 seconds) – really hard with kids lol
    and the obligatory OMG do you know who commented on my post / instagram / whatever – including a thrown out user or screen name that results in nothing but question marks all over my SO’s or friend’s face (who is that? Need I know them? Are they her family? Should I know them?) and instant visible relief, when you tell them, they are some great brand/ blogger / youtuber etc.

    Love this post so much <3

    • Shirri

      Thanks so much!!

  • I am a very new blogger, just started this year, but even I found this to be spot on!! So funny and so true

    • Shirri

      Congrats on your new blog!! Im glad you could relate!

  • This post is great! 1000% accurate, lol! I haven’t even shared my new blog with my friends yet because I’m afraid they’ll think it’s weird, but my husband, mom and kids know ALL about how I’ve been bitten by this blogging bug!

    • Shirri

      I agree!! I used to think I’d come off weird about being a blogger but when I started I felt the complete opposite, now I have to flaunt it!

  • Shirri I love this! I’m constantly getting these questions and comments. I would add- it’s not easy. To have a successful blog it’s a full time job. I feel like I spend 40 hours on my blog and more on social media.

    • Shirri

      Absolutely! It does take a lot of hard work and with more readers comes even more work! You are rocking it girl!

      Thanks for reading!!

  • If I seem distracted, I am probably writing a blog post about our conversation, during our conversation. I’m sorry!

    • Shirri

      Exactly!! lol

  • Haha you nailed it! This was perfect, Shirri!

    • Shirri

      Thanks girl!!

  • So, my husband has gotten to the point where he’s like “I can’t eat yet can I? You haven’t taken a picture yet.” It’s so funny, and so awesome, that other bloggers feel this way. I love it. I would also add that I wish people knew how much I love my blog. It’s not just a pay check or a hobby, it’s a huge passion and I write about things I’m passionate about. I love this post and am so glad to call you my friend even though we haven’t “met.”

    • Shirri

      I completely agree Sara!! I am so glad to have met you through this wonderful world of blogging!

  • Grace Abbott

    I absolutely love this. Gives me more of an idea of what I’m getting into.

    • Shirri

      Thanks so much Grace! The blogging world is so fun, especially when you start connecting with other bloggers.

  • I loved this! You did a great job on letting others know a little into a blogger’s world. Awesome job!!

    • Shirri

      Thanks so much Amanda!! ❤️

  • Two years ago I had no social media presence. I am a three month newbie to blogging and social media marketing. I have only been on Facebook for two years. I am already everything you described. How quickly it draws you in. I have even fallen asleep posting.

    • Shirri

      Thats awesome!! Blogging is very addictive, especially when you know you have built a social media presence!

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