Industrial Modern Farmhouse Inspiration: Kitchen + Living Room

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on March 22, 2016

I cannot contain my excitement for my new home decor category! I’ve always been in to decorating my home, in fact, theres never been a time where I didn’t go the extra mile to make everything cozy and quaint. I’d like to thank my Mom and my Oma for that.

Growing up I always watched my Mom shop for decorations. I was always in awe at how she could buy the most random things and throw them all together to make something so perfect. She’s all about detail and the little things. Picture frames are slightly turned, table runners and folded like a flat laid bow, and potpourri bowls fill the house with a sweet scent.

My Oma’s style is formal as formal can be. She grew up in the generation I so badly wish I grew up in. Born and raised in Germany her style is nothing short of classic european. Everything has a place, table linens and sheets are always ironed, and window drapes are layered and pleated correctly. The fuzzy white rugs I used to lay on as a child are still spotless and as soft as the day she purchased them. Fragile china and decorations are put on display, and there are orchids galore throughout her home.

My style, however, has changed countless times over the span of my lifetime. I’ve been through the glam phase, grew out of it. The western phase, hated it. Even the modern phase, huge no go. Looking back now I realize what finding your home style is all about. It’s never a set theme, you can’t expect to choose one theme and not get sick of it eventually. Styling your home is all about picking and choosing what suits you best.

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This weekend we are moving into our new home and, while I have a theme in mind, I won’t strictly stick to that style alone. My vision for our house is literally going to be a mix of everything I’ve ever tried, because at some point I actually did like it. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing, and thats why they failed to please me.

This time around I am decorating my home to give off an industrial modern farmhouse feel, but most importantly, not a full on feel of just one theme. I’ll have minimal farmhouse touches on my kitchen backsplash, my breakfast nook, and some of the decor. I’ve always loved the look of farmhouse kitchens and I think that area of my house will give off the most farmhouse vibe. The picture on the left is my inspiration, kind of. Think of that table as white, and the chairs metal instead of wood. Notice the plates on the wall and on display. Very minimal yet functional decor.

My living room already contains earthy tones with minimal decor pieces, which makes it very calm and inviting, just like a bohemian feel. It’s the one space in the house where I like clean lines and less clutter.  Think modern boho, yes thats a thing, look at the picture on the right.. See how well they flow together? They’re two completely different styles yet they will flow effortlessly if you incorporate each styles decor within the other. This tip can also help with open concept kitchens!

Next up this week I’ll be spilling the inspirational beans on my home office, the kids playroom, and our master bedroom. Hopefully before we actually move in! That way you can see how I put my inspiration into action, easier done than said!

What’s your home style? And just for fun, whats one style you look back on and cringe at? Like middle school outfits, we all have our regrets!

Inspiration links and their rightful owners:

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