Top 5 Truths On Being A Stay At Home Mom

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on March 21, 2016

Now before we even get into this I have to clarify a thing or two. I am in no way, shape or form, a SAHM who finds working moms selfish. I think that label  is completely stupid and I literally admire working mothers. I was a working mother with my first born and as tough as it was I kept at it, because I loved my job and it was great having my own “thing”. We all mother differently and I want to respect everyone rather than push someone away.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for 3 years now. The change from the working world to being home all day has to be the toughest transition I’ve ever done. However, right now in our life, its best for me to stay home with our boys.

Up next are, what I think to be, the biggest truths for SAHM. Some funny, some serious, all are brutally honest.

You’ve been warned.

Number One. You can’t really expect us to dress up everyday can you? Yoga pants and leggings. Can I get an Amen!? …I’ll wait…. Stretchy pants are a SAHM’s savior. Why dress up to the 9 when you’re just going to be cleaning a never-ending mess? Or constantly rubbing food out of your child’s hair, or is that just my kid? Just think of all the great stuff a nanny would do.. then imagine yourself as the nanny. You’re the housekeeper, the nurse, a psychiatrist, a chef, and a coach all in one day. Heck yes, you deserve to run around in tight leggings. Go on with your bad self, mama.

Number Two. Social media may be our entire life. The world is changing and gone are the days when photos took an hour to see. We live in a ‘snap and upload’ world now and that’s not entirely a bad thing. Do we overshare pictures of our kids doing random things? Probably. Do we care? Obviously not. Social media is our way to share our day, and when you’re home with infants and toddlers we tend to get stir crazy, craving the social interaction thats easy to access during nap time, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Number Three. That lovely space that you used to call your domain? That master bedroom and its spacious master bathroom? That’s just not yours anymore. Children get some kind of high breaking into forbidden rooms. It’s got to be in the handbook these little angels are given right before conception, they study it while in the womb only to come into the world acting like fools. Complete fools. “Being A Kid Handbook, Chapter 3- Thou shalt not ignore sudden urges to explore, it will forever be in your blood. You have a need to inspect forbidden places and objects, just ask Adam and Eve.”. You no longer have a space, not even your own vehicle. Let it all go.


Number Four. Sometimes we feel disconnected from the world around us. The emotional toll of being a stay at home mom is nothing to underestimate. Though, we may seen perfectly fine on the inside, we have an urge to disconnect for a while. Even then, when we do have our own time, we find ourselves wanting to get back into the swing of things. We find ourselves missing the same children that drove us to chug that bottle of wine last Tuesday night. We’ve heard all your rants and hollers about how luxurious our lives are, “I wish I could stay home all day, must be nice!”. The reality of it all is that sometimes we don’t even see the silver lining. We have our moments when we feel absolutely selfish for even thinking of going back to work because of some of the things we are told. On the other hand, society makes us feel like were taking the easy way out just because we do stay home. It’s a constant battle, at least for me, to accept my choice and believe that I am capable of going back into the workforce one day.


Number Five. Some days we’ll conquer the world, other days are, for lack of a better word, pointless. There will be days where we wake up with a twinkle in our eye and stay on top of EV-ERY-THANG. We put make up on our face ever so delicately, our kids actually change out of pajamas, and we may even bust out the surface cleaner just because. Then we have days where the worlds spinning entirely too fast. Our kids act uncivilized and we totally throw in the towel and roll with it. We find ourselves counting down the hours until our husbands get home. Its the one time of the day where the weight of a 20 ton boulder is lifted off our shoulders and we sneak into the bathroom to just be. Believe me when I say that’s OKAY.

Whats a good SAHM truth of your own? 


  • This is awesome! I can relate to every single point!

    • Shirri

      Im happy you can relate!! Thanks for reading!

  • Tieasha

    1 of my truths that’s a huge misconception…that I’m sitting around all day or just a lazy bones! Not even close. I never sit & I stay plenty busy. I’m on my feet more hours than I’m not! I absolutely understand feeling disconnected from the outside world. I loved this post!

    • Shirri

      I hear ya! Its so hard for others to comprehend what needs to be done all day. It much more than most think!! Im glad you enjoyed this post! Thanks for being a reader!

  • You nailed this!! I totally can relate to all of them! And I’m so thankful for this social media community of mamas to share this crazy life with!

    • Shirri

      Thanks Hannah! Im glad you can relate! I totally agree, social media has been such a great outlet for me lately and I cherish all the friendships it has brought me, including yours!

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