February Momfessionals

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on February 15, 2016

Boy have I got some great Mom truths for you this month!

I’ve read their confessions over and over again just to feel that huge weight lift off my shoulders once again. These are the women that inspire me to do what I do, their sincere honesty truly shines through, and I know you’ll be inspired by their stories as well.

Please don’t forget to click their links and visit their social medias and blogs! Shoot them a compliment and a digital hug! Happy reading!



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Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am mama to 2 littles (6 and almost 3) and wife to my wonderful “third kid.” I am head lady over at the Mamas + Coffee Instagram @mamaspluscoffee and blog www.mamaspluscoffee.squarespace.com and you can also follow my personal Instagram @theflynnfour. Here are a few of my “momfessions”:

-I have struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and am also a complete introvert who needs her space. Having 2 clingy children is a struggle and sometimes I just CAN’T with the whole mom thing, so I will retreat to my room to escape in my latest book and send them to “go play”, just hoping and praying they don’t destroy themselves or anything else.


–  Sometimes dinner is whatever snack the kids want to grab out of the pantry.

–  I’m not above hiding toys or telling the kids their favorite show is “broken” so I don’t have to hear that same song over and over again.

–  I am guilty of bribing my kids with a new toy if we can just get through Target without any meltdowns. But aren’t we all?

unnamed-2Hey everyone! I’m Abby and mom to two beautiful girls (10 and 6). You can find me blogging about life as a single mom over at Single Mommy’s Life, on Facebook , and Instagram.

Every mom has a momfession that they would prefer to keep from admitting to others (I know I have a few!) so I absolutely LOVE this idea of sharing our momfessions! Like I said, I have a few so here are mine:

-I sometimes let the girls have lunchables for dinner just because I’m too exhausted to cook anything.

-I don’t always make sure that they brush their teeth at night but I tell the dentist that they do it daily.
-My youngest has a reading log that needs to be signed every night and I’ll sign it that we read for 20 minutes even though we didn’t.
-Every time we’re at the store, I let them pick something out so that they can be entertained for awhile at home.
-When the girls have cookies or some other snack for their lunches, I will wait until they are in bed so that I can eat some without them wanting to eat them too.
-I pretend to have a headache on the weekends so that I can sleep in a little longer.
-My oldest does her homework packet the night before it’s due and I don’t stress about it as long as she gets it turned in.
-When the girls were babies, I would pretend to be asleep when they would call for me early in the morning so that my late husband would get them.
-My girls know how to operate their kindles better than I do.
-On the weekends, I let them wear the same outfit even if we have to run errands because I don’t want to deal with the “Mom! I don’t have anything to wear!”(which involves leggings…EVERYDAY)
There you have it! No matter how many momfessionals I have, I still worry constantly if I’m doing a good job but you know what? My girls are healthy and happy despite the loss of their dad and for me, that’s all that matters.

unnamed-3Hey Y’all! I’m Chelsea, a late twenty-something elementary public school teacher turned stay-at-home-mom + blogger. I have an 18 month-old daughter named, Emerson, and I’ve been married to my husband, Trey {who is a sexy fireman} for 5.5 years. I love Jesus, shopping and designing on a budget {thrift stores are my favorite}, organization, and creating DIY projects. When I’m not occupied with keeping my child alive + semi-well, you can find me making things, decorating, cleaning, or binge watching reality television. My blog is where I share my journey in motherhood/marriage, as well as my adventures in home décor. It’s a wild ride, but a fun one nonetheless. You can find me at my blog, A Little Thrifty Chic, and follow me on Instagram @alittlethriftychic.

I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

-I often sit in my driveway with my daughter strapped in her car seat watching a cartoon on the iPad, so that I can have 5 minutes to scroll through Instagram and/or respond to e-mails without her touching me. Similarly, I’m guilty of strapping her in her high chair {with cartoons} for breakfast, while I rush around like ninja mama trying to get myself ready before she finishes eating. Clearly, I’m not one of the “no screen time before they’re 2” types.

-Sometimes, even at my laziest, I make myself go to the gym strictly for the 2-hour childcare. Is that just plain crazy or crazy smart?

-I’ve always thought bath time with my baby would be fun {as people make it appear in pictures}, so I took a bath recently with my daughter. She played with my nipples the entire first 5 minutes, so I refuse to ever do it again. Even though she was breastfed, this was weird for me. Really freaking weird. They aren’t toys little girl.

-If my daughter wakes up before 7:30a, as long as she’s not screaming like a banshee, I leave her in her crib until at least 7:30, so I can drink my coffee while it’s still hot.

-Sometimes I still get very jealous of all of the “adult time” that my husband and working-mom friends have daily. We all have our struggles, this happens to be a big one of mine still, 18 months later.


My name is Hannah! I’m married to Jonathan and we have 2 boys – Evan (4) and Porter (2). I blog over at lugimomblog.com. You can follow me on instagram at @hannah_lug and Facebook at Hannah Lugibihl – Lugimom Blog. In my spare time (HA!) I paint and run a portrait photography business. My main gig is staying home with my kiddos though. Here’s some fun facts about me that will probably make you feel way better about yourself!

-I utter the phrase “have you lost your mind?” to my children on a pretty regular basis.

-I have mopped my floors maybe only 3 times since we moved into our house almost a year ago.
-I forget to brush my kids’ teeth at night at least once a week.
-I have locked myself in the laundry room to enjoy a snack in peace and quiet.
-I chose not to breastfeed Porter because I just couldn’t handle the thought of it again. I might have had to be put in an institution if I hadn’t chosen formula.
-Evan stayed in a crib until he was over 3 years old. I love the idea of a bed kids can’t escape.
-I only wash my hair twice a week.
-Our TV is on WAY more than the recommended hours per day. Like WAY more. Like some days we don’t get off the couch except to pee and eat.
-When my kids were little and would wake up too early in the morning, I’d turn the monitor down and my sound machine up. I figured I’d hear them if it was urgent enough, right?
-Sometimes I vacuum the floors just so I can’t hear my kids whining for a few minutes. It’s the perfect volume to drown them out.
-Goldfish crackers are a staple part of the boys’ diets.
-I have a really hard time not laughing when the boys are obnoxiously melting down about something.
-I look forward to the day when I can do things to them to annoy them that they currently do to me. Like cry outside of the bathroom door. Or wake them up right when they fall asleep on the couch to tell them that my sock fell off. Or say their name at the start of every sentence and not stop talking for 5 minutes. So much satisfaction.
-If both kids didn’t go to preschool I would probably be (even more of) a crazy person. I am dreading summertime where they will be home every.single.day.
-Kid activities get on my nerves. I don’t want to go to a fun fair or a carnival or a festival. Let’s just stay home and watch Netflix, k? I need to get over that probably.
-Porter turned 2 on Saturday and we didn’t get him a single present. He doesn’t know any different, and lots of other people get him presents.
-On that note, we didn’t have birthday parties for either kid this year. Too much work!
-I am taking this whole mom thing day by day and just trusting that God is in control and my kids will turn out ok! And that I won’t give them too many things to talk to their therapists about one day.

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  • I really enjoyed reading this post! I can relate to each one of the mama’s. Best Blog of the day 🙂

    • Im so glad to hear that!! I love working with Mamas, it gives me such relief knowing I’m not the only one going through these phases!

  • Definitely related to some of these! Like lying to the dentist about brushing the kids’ teeth or keeping them in a crib as loooooong as possible. Ha!

    • Right?! I could relate to nearly ALL of them. Its nice knowing these ladies can totally own it, and I admire them so much for that!

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