5 Things Friday

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on February 12, 2016

Happy Friday y’all!!

Last Friday I did this random 5 things on my Insta, by the way you should follow me on there. I share SO many cute pics of my babies and you’re sorta missing out if you don’t. Click this badge down below. Lets get down to business!


1 I am seriously so proud of myself for actually taking the time to do my makeup lately. Its actually pretty therapeutic, so I look forward to it every single day. My makeup bag staples these days are; bareMinerals Bearskin Serum Foundation, seriously this brightens my skin beyond belief. Bye Bye Under Eye, from itCosmetics, makes me look alive after my 5 hours of sleep. itCosmetics Brow Power super skinny, in dark brown, because I swear my eyebrows are giving up on me and just ditching my face. The entire Naked 3 Urban Decay eye palette, I’ve had since Valentines Day 2013, its actually getting used now. Hight Five! The Anastasia contour kit, which is super easy to use actually, thanks YouTube. Regular Revlon eye liner and yet again itCosmetics Hello Lashes mascara! The cherry on top is my Airbrush Illuminizer powder, also from itCosmetics, it give my skin a natural glow which a seriously lack in the winter.

2 We are living at my parents house for a while, if you don’t already know. Its been super nostalgic but stressful at the same time. Growing up I always knew to clean up after myself because my Mom, like me, likes to comes home to a clean, put together home. Everything has a place and if its not being used it should be put away. Someone should relay the memo to my children. I swear they make 10 times more messes here then they ever did at our own house. I’ve never polished wood floors so much in my life!

3 How was everyones Super Bowl party?! We had some good friends over and had a blast. Everyone, other than my parents and I, chowed down on some crawfish.. I seriously NEVER knew about crawfish until I met my Husband. They look like bugs.. huge lobster bugs, that you rip apart and eat. Clearly, I’m not at southern as I think because those suckers creep me out. Especially when they’re alive crawling around in the cooler before they are thrown to their death in a boiling pot of water and beer. “Listen to them scream!” my husband says. “They’ll taste good!” he says.

4 In unrelated news. My husband purchased his very first suit this week!! To say he looks good is a complete understatement. That, my friends, is for an engagement party! I’m renting my dress, buying some heels and curling my hair y’all!! Its a big change from our nights out at a dance hall.

5 Last, but certainly not least, I couldn’t be more blessed to have such amazing followers. The friendships I’ve made from blogging make my heart happy. You always hear about long distance best friends, but think about having a best friend you’re probably never going to get to meet because she lives cross country! Head to Instagram and follow Kelcie aka @onelittletribe, I swear this Mama is my soul sister. We are so alike on so many levels it freaks me out, in a good way. Plus her kiddos are the sweetest souls.


Have a great weekend everyone! 


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