Time To bluum

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on January 25, 2016

Hello ladies!! I have some pretty great news to share! A few days ago I became a bluum box affiliate! Meaning I get to tell you all about this amazing subscription box for your little ones AND offer you great discounts.

I absolutely LOVE subscription boxes. I adore the simplicity of it, and just the simple fact that I don’t even have to leave my house, its every moms dream.

If you’re not aware bluum is a monthly subscription box for babies and kiddos from birth through age 5. Each box contains 4 or more products that are eco-friendly, sourced responsibly, and, more times than not, organic. What could be better than that?

Box contents are based in the age of your child in months, so there are plenty of options available specifically for you child. b486c4fcfeba2945f5b37443e1cb3656

After you set up your account you are able to actually pick one item from each category, however, if you’d rather keep it a surprise for both you and your little one that option is still there.

The best part? Subscriptions are only 34 dollars a month or less! The more months you commit to the more your price per box drops.

Start off the New Year with some goodies for your little ones!

I wanted to wait until I received our box for this month but I just could not hold it in any longer! Some things just need to be shared, and I knew this was one of them.

I love this because its hard to get toys for Westin. Ill be the first to admit that Wyatt gets all the toys simply because I know whatever they are Westin will play with them. So this is a little monthly present for my “baby”. I can’t wait to see what he gets, and well check back in with y’all afterwards!

Remember, if you’d like to sign up for bloom you can click the link in my sidebar at anytime and receive $10.00 off your first month!

Discover a monthly box of new goodies for you & baby. From pregnancy to preschool! Try bluum today!

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