January Momfessionals Pt. 2

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on January 18, 2016

When this idea for Momfessionals popped up into my head I had no idea how quickly this would take off. To be honest I was certain it wouldn’t even get off the ground. To my surprise, I had so many mamas contacting me. It was then that I knew I needed to do a part 2, instead of making them wait a whole month. 

So now I know each feature can fit in at most 5 Momfessions without the post getting too long. If you’re up for February please shoot me an email, I have 3 spots left! After February I’m going to change up the topics a bit. Do a little happy dance!


Up next are some more honest Mamas sharing their stories! Don’t forget to follow them through their own journey by clicking the maroon links! 

Happy reading! 


 My name is Bessy and I have an instablog, you can follow me at @thesimplemomlife. I’m also mom to David, 5 and Jacob, 3.

My momfession isn’t that funny but it’s reality. I suffer from Anxiety Disorder and sometimes the boys drive me up the wall so I hide from them. Yep. I just go into the bathroom and lock the door and sometimes even bawl my eyes out. Reminds me of Charlotte in Sex and the City the movie. Other times that’s the only place I can watch a YouTube video or check my IG feed in peace! I’m not proud of it but it’s one of those mom survival mode moments. One of my other go to’s is giving them their iPads when I need some quiet time. Raising tiny humans is like a war and sometimes you gotta wave the white flag.


I’m Keala and I am a former kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. (This “Mom” job is way harder!) I am mommy to two little boys ( 3 and 7 months). I blog over at recipeforasweetlife.com follow me on Instagram @recipeforasweetlife

– I am not one of those “pregnancy is beautiful and miraculous” types. I think it’s weird and bizarre and not beautiful at all and I couldn’t wait to be done.
– I didn’t breastfeed (gasp!) because I just didn’t want to.
– I am terrible at remembering to pack extra clothes in the diaper bag. There have been times my son has been picked up from the sitter in just his shirt and underwear, because I forgot extra pants.
– After I put my son to bed, I tell him I have to pee, so I don’t have to lay there forever.
– Tylenol is a miracle. I give my kids Tylenol at the first sign of any illness or discomfort and they are magically all better.
– There have been plenty of nights where cereal was a dinner food.
-When my kids dropped their pacifiers on the floor, I would pick it up, suck on it and shove it right back in their mouth.There’s that old saying, “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” and my kids rarely get sick. Coincidence? I think not.
– Both my kids LOVE Diet Coke. When my oldest was a baby I would dip his pacifier in my diet coke so he would take it easier. It got him to suck and calm down.
– My 3 year old works the ipad better than most adults. He knows exactly which app is Netflix, and how to navigate it. And it has saved my sanity more than once.
– I have told him Caillou “went on vacation” more than once, just so I didn’t have to listen to that show one more time. (Have you seen that show?!)
– I hid one of his books for a while so I didn’t have to read it for the millionth time. He has a bazilion books, try a new one!
– I bribe with cookies. Oreos can get anything done!
– When he was a baby, he rolled off the changing table and split his lip open. I just cleaned up the blood and gave him a popsicle and some Tylenol. Good as new!
– I go to bed each night saying a prayer that I do my best, love my kids and don’t mess them up. Doesn’t every mom?

Juliepic-150x150Julie is new mom of a very energetic one-year-old boy. She works full time and blogs as a hobby, all while wishing she had more time to read fun books. She can be found blogging at Velvet Rose and Chapter Break, as well as hanging out on social media: Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ Facebook ~ Instagram 

I love this feature because us Moms we do the best we can but things don’t always turn out as we expected in our pre-Mom lives. Here are some of my Momfessions:

• When I was on maternity leave I was scared to leave the house with the baby. I was also very scared to go back to work because I didn’t know if I could handle it all heh.

• I bribe my kidlet with snacks to keep him from screaming at me.

• I’ve had to use the restroom while holding the baby on my lap because he would just not let me set him down. I hand him my slippers or a toilet paper roll now so I can pee in (sort of) peace.

• The little man has eaten more cake and ice cream than a baby should probably eat.

• I often miss the days when he was a baby and he was still. Now this chasing him around the house thing is getting difficult.

12341241_1043957562335086_8346569064946779715_nI am Natalie mother of 2 with a 3rd on the way. I have been married for almost 7 years. Creator of the blog Beautified Motherhood and founder of Houston Mom’s Clubhouse on Facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram at @beautifiedmotherhood. Here is my Momfession.. When I was pregnant with my 2nd son I worked full time, I would come home so tired from working and would play “Sleepy Giant”. It’s a game created by my husband. The rules where that if you were asleep on the couch while Matthew, my 3 yr old at that time, was playing, you would be the sleeping giant. The goal of the game was that he couldn’t wake up the giant, he had to play real quietly and be good. Now he is 6 and the game doesn’t work anymore, but he has taught his 2 yr old brother the game.

  • Thanks for including me in your fun feature 🙂 🙂

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  • I love your Momfessionals page, I can relate to a lot of their experiences and some made me laugh! I’m glad I stumble into your blog! I just recently started my own and still learning how to express. I enjoyed reading yours.

    • Thanks so much Grace! Thats why I love it! Relating to mothers is important to me.

      Congrats on your new blog! As long as you’re yourself your readers will come. 🙂

      Thanks for stumbling by!

  • I would love to have you!! Im expecting to start them back up in May, Ill give you a shout when I do!

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