January Momfessionals

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on January 15, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!! Today is a pretty special day over here at Stringfellow + Co. I have teamed up with some pretty amazing mothers. Mothers who, just like me, desperately want to connect and relate to other mamas.We are strong mothers. When the word tells us to parent one way we go in the opposite direction. We trust our gut instincts and we don’t care what anyone thinks of it.

Obviously. (Insert snarky smile here)

We are raising the next generation to inherit our beautiful planet, and that is not something to be taken lightly. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we literally have the best job in the world.We wake up for our children. We will fight for our children. And we will live for our children.

Now if thats not empowering than I honestly don’t know what is. I have the pleasure to introduce to you some awesome mothers; Devon, Amanda, Miranda, and Angela. These ladies are going to share some of their mom confessions.. Or Momfessions, if you will. Moments when real life came up to them, shook their hand, and said “Get used to me, I’m not going anywhere.”

Together their stories are Momfessionals. Hold tight y’all, things are about to get real.


Devon, Mother to 2- Sometimes I fall asleep while breastfeeding Aubree in the middle of the night. I will go into the kitchen & fill up the sink with soapy water and tell my daughter I’m doing dishes just to get a break from her asking me to play cars for 5 minutes. When Chloe goes to bed I eat her fruit snacks just so I can do so without sharing. I’ve taken so many photos of Chloe that she knows instantly when my phone camera is ready to click and she almost always tells me “no mommy!!!!!”. Follow Devon on Instagram–> @devonbrownn__

AmandaMy names Amanda Dunbar and I’m the creator of the blog Mother Hunter. I’m a Northern California mom of two little girls and a little dude on the way. I started my blog with the intentions to write about my hunting adventures, which have taken backseat to my pregnancy and adventures with my girls. Here are my confessions.. I secretly say “thank goodness!” To myself when I see other kids having meltdowns out in public because it’s not my kids this time. If my kids get candy from someone, I’ll let them have a couple, then hide it so my husband and I can eat the rest. We have more pajama days in our house than I’d like to admit. My oldest genuinely thought the police were going to come if she didn’t stay in her bed all night, when we first switched her to her big girl bed. I use having to use the bathroom as an excuse to escape laying with my youngest at nap time. Fruit snacks are gold in this household. It’s amazing what can get accomplished when fruit snacks are on the line. I blame stains on my clothes on my kids but they usually have nothing to do with it. Follow Amanda on Instagram –>@amanda.dunbar



Miranda is a fellow Texas momma who blogs over at mirandanicoleblog.com, she’s been married to her best friend for 7 years and they have one handsome son together, Carson. Here are her Momfessions.. When my son was only a month old I had placed him in his bouncer while he was napping. My husband and I were in the kitchen washing dishes and talking. We didn’t have our eyes on him when all of a sudden we heard a noise followed by a cry. We both ran to see what had happened and found him on the floor! We then realized that there was a latch underneath that held the bouncer cover/padding down to the frame of it. We hadn’t secured it properly. Thank the lord he was fine. He was more annoyed that he was woken up than anything. I started putting blankets and pillows underneath the the bouncer after that. I was so paranoid it would happen again. A first time rookie parent mistake! I’m happy to report he is a happy, healthy, sweet and smart 3 year old now.

Also, when my son was a year old I was on the phone talking to my husband when I walked out the back door to feed our dogs. I was not in my right mind and accidentally locked myself OUT and my 1 year old inside! I had this horrible habit of always locking the door behind me. Worst part we had no spare key! Our backyard was fenced in AND the front gate was locked! So now all my keys AND my one year old were trapped inside! I panicked! I CRIED! My husband was in disbelief and 2 hours away at work with no way of getting to me. I had NO choice but to jump the fence! I climbed up on the trash can and jumped over. The adrenaline I got! I just wanted to hug my little boy so bad. I was hoping the garage wasn’t locked, but of course with my luck it was. I tried breaking the door handle to the front door and when that didn’t work I realized I had no choice but to call 911. I cried at the front window where my son was screaming for me the whole two minutes it took for the fire department to get here. It felt so much longer than that though! I was mortified. I was so upset with myself for not paying attention. The firemen were so calm and nice. They made me feel better by telling me this wasn’t the first time they’ve been called for this. They were able to pick the lock and I ran to my son and never stopped hugging him since! We have invested in a garage door keypad since then! Follow Miranda on Instagram –> @mirandaniccole

BWGroupEdit-e1452196576895Angela is the mother of almost 3 year old BGG triplets Jase, Henley, and Sadie. She and her husband raise their family in a small town that she has grown to love. Angela spends her days loving and sometimes loathing the the experience of raising triplets. She will tell you that her life is chaotic and she often takes it for granted, but at the end of the day she thanks God for all He has given her. Angela started blogging several years ago before she had children and unfortunately stopped when she became pregnant. She wanted to begin again once the babies were here, but quickly found out that her time was not her own. Angela is just over 6 months back into the blogging world and is loving every minute of it. She absolutely loves sharing her life with triplets! You can follow Angela and her family on her blog The Triplet Farm or on Instagram and Facebook.  Here are her Momfessions.

Today I told my kids that they couldn’t have applesauce with lunch because we didn’t have any. The truth is that they make a mess of it and I didn’t feel like cleaning it up. Major mom fail because they saw the brand new jar on the counter that I haven’t put away yet.
I’ve washed the same load of laundry three times now because I keep forgetting it’s in the washer.
My girls would probably be 100% potty trained if I wasn’t so lazy about it. My son was so easy. I hardly had to teach him at all. It ticks me off that the girls just aren’t getting it yet.
I sometimes forget to brush the kids teeth at night. There is chaos the 15-20 before bedtime and often it slips my mind.
I have an awful feeling of guilt when all three kids want to be held or snuggled at the same time. I just can’t do it anymore. They’re getting too big. It breaks my heart to watch them cry just because “it’s not their turn.”
I bribe my kids with food. “Oh, you won’t pick up your toys. I’ll give you some fruit snacks if you do.” It pretty much works every time.
I often let Mickey Mouse or Bubble Guppies or Paw Patrol babysit the kids while I get things done around the house.
I miss just being able to stop what I’m doing and leave.
I swore I’d never dress my kids in character clothing, but quickly gave in when they became obsessed with everything Disney.
I despise winter coats. I rarely wear one. I hate having to put on on the kids for the 30 second walk it takes to get to the car just to take have to take them off again.

Thats it for part 1! I still have a couple spots open for part 2 coming up on Tuesday, after Tuesday there will not be another collab post until next month! Email me at stringfellowandcompany@gmail.com if you want to reserve a spot!

Again, I want to thank these awesome ladies for working with me! I appreciate it more than they will ever know!

Have a great weekend y’all!!


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  • Love these! omg the locking out of the house story sounds so scary! This is why I HATE doorknob locks. I only lock deadbolts with the key outside the door so I can’t get locked out.

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  • Great mommies, doing great work for their kids and families. A salute them!
    I’m a Dad of a two and half year old

  • This was an exciting post to read! I have recently found a group of mommies that want to raise the next generation to turn out better than the ones now! Also my daughter locked me out of the house for 2 hours in the snow and I had to cut the lock in order to get in! I haven’t made that mistake since haha! ❤️

  • Love it! If you ever want a glimpse into the foster/adoptive mom life I would love to contribute:-)

    • Shirri

      Thank you!! Ill definitely let you know when I do another one!

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