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on January 8, 2016

Oh the joys of being a mother. Am I right?? We all have very different lives, our days are no where near similar to the next momma, but yet we all have some way of cutting ourselves some slack.

If the title of this post doesn’t already explain it I’ll shed a little light for you.

As a mother there are times where I’ll “half-ass” things, where appropriate of course, just to save myself a smidgen of mental sanity.

Don’t judge me. If you have children I know for a fact you’ve been there too.

Let’s dive on in shall we?

  1. In the mornings I just lay on the couch covered in my blanket while my toddler trashes the living room. I operate like iTunes, once I wake up I take a little while to work.
  2. As much as I try to enforce time limits on the iPad there are days when those little things literally save my life. 
  3. When my first son was born he didn’t get bathed until he was 2 weeks old because I was afraid I wouldn’t handle him right and possibly break him.
  4. There are (many) days where I wear what I sleep in and sleep in what I wore.
  5. When I need a break from entertaining my toddler I’ll find the oddest kitchen utensil, usually a whisk, and let him go to town.
  6. When my toddler was 2 months old he rolled off of the ottoman and cried for what felt like forever, I called my husband, also crying, and told him I was a bad mom. He reassured me that I wasn’t.
  7. I lie to the pediatrician when asked if my toddler drinks lots of water.
  8. I don’t think I’ve ever wiped down a highchair in a restaurant before putting my kiddos in it.
  9. There are times when our kitchen washrags totally disappear, so I’ll use baby wipes to clean off counters, the dining table, inside the fridge, and the gas range.
  10. When I was potty training my son he managed to get poop on his foot and track it down the hallway into the living room. I sprayed the tracks with bleach and let it sit for 10 minutes before I even attempted to touch it.
  11. If I even think my kids are getting sick I start pumping them with tylenol before the virus has a chance to spread. As a result my kids are never horribly sick. #momwin
  12. When my toddler follows me into the bathroom I’ll usually give him a tampon to play with to keep him busy.

Honestly, everyone has their faults. I have WAY more than this y’all.

Do you want to know whats crazy though? My kids are still extremely well behaved, loving boys.

Shocker, right? ..That was sarcasm.

That’s the beauty in motherhood. Every once and a while we think we are totally screwing it up when in reality your kids never even notice when you’re not on the ball.

Give them love, and most importantly, give yourself love (and a break every now and then), this too shall pass.

What are some of your “Momfessions”? 


  • I absolutely love this post! It is so real and honest and actually I can relate to almost all of these. Thank you for making me feel less like a totally mom failure sometimes. It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones! <3

  • Love this! Oh yea I’ve done the sleep/wear the same thing all day long, on weekends, especially if I’m sick, and while I was on maternity leave. I don’t think I’ve ever wiped down a high chair at a restaurant either – builds their immune system. Ok the idea to give them tylenol at the first sight of a cold, that’s really brilliant. I should do that to myself too, start taking meds rather than be in denial until I get reallllllly sick. I’m curious about a guest post option. I’ll send you a quick note asking more questions πŸ™‚

  • I totally laughed all the way through this post. Mostly because it is shocking how much of these I do too. Ha! The iPad is a total life saver. The tampon in the bathroom thing had me almost crying from laughing so hard. It’s nice to know that someone is in the same boat!

    • Im so happy you could relate!! Were all in the same boat, some just hide it better than others! Ha!

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