Magnolia Silos Getaway

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on January 3, 2016
Magnolia Market

You guys!! So Saturday morning, January 2nd, my husband comes up to me and tells me to pack the boys an overnight bag because we are going somewhere. When I asked him where he wouldn’t even tell me, finally he told me that it was about 3 hours away and that it wasn’t San Antonio. I immediately squealed because I knew we were finally going to Waco to visit the famous Magnolia Silos.

I had myself ready to go, the boys dressed, fed, and packed in under and hour. If that’s not a miracle than I don’t know what is.


After waiting, for what seemed like FOREVER, we were finally out on the open road. I snapped this picture above driving through Calvert, Texas. I love the small town mentality but I don’t think I could ever live in a town as small as this. Now Waco, I could call Waco home in no time.

I’ll go ahead and let the pictures speak for themselves. Mind you these were taken on my phone, I packed my camera but the battery never made it in the bag. Go figure.



Now let’s go inside to the Market, shall we? Again, these were on my phone. And Im sorry for the lack of inside pictures. I was in tunnel vision and my boys were bored so I couldn’t get a ton, like I had planned.


It was so crowded inside, even an hour before closing. Apparently the morning before there was a line 2 blocks long. So I’d say we came at prime time.

These next pictures are of the outside. Joanna and Chip have a pretty great set up. There is a lawn with corn hole for the kids to play on, food trucks out back, and a garden which looked to me like somewhere you’d have a wedding.


After our short trip to the market we made it out to Hewitt for some of the best tacos in Texas. TACO CASA. Then we rolled back to Waco to our hotel. The boys and I passed out around 8 pm and we didn’t wake up until 8 am this morning! It was nice to get out of the big city, it kinda slowed down time, only for a little while.

After we loaded up in the car we made our way to McGregor, Texas to check out the Magnolia House! Which is actually going to be a vacation rental instead of a B&B per Joannas’s website. So gather some friends to split the price of this beauty!


I was secretly waiting for Chip or Jo to peek out the window and wave us inside.

It was the perfect trip to start out the New Year. I will definitely be back.

  • Very interesting trip report! It’s great to read about something a little bit off the beaten track 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much that was wonderful. The pictures were great. Scott you did good

  • The pictures you took with your hubby and kids speaks about all the fun of this amazing trip.

  • You made me want to go there now!!! I LOVE their show!!! I remember the episode when they bought that place! They sat outside there and just invisioned their dream! Dreams do come true! With a lot of hard work!
    Now I’m going to have to put this on my list of places to go visit! Lol

    Beautiful pictures by the way!!

  • Annette Gurley

    This is a great story. Glad you took pictures for the people like me who don’t live near Texas.