15 Things I’m Taking From 2015

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on December 31, 2015

2015 has been a whirlwind. I refuse to believe I haven’t grown this year. Our year started out rocky, seriously from January 1, 2015, obstacles have been thrown our way but we have overcome them ten fold.

As the saying goes, you cannot expect growth without being knocked down every once and a while.

So, here goes nothing.

Some family members can knock you down quicker thank you can say creamed corn. Don’t feel bad for kicking those individuals out of your life.

Parenting is tough, when you’re doing it right and truly giving it your all. However, there is nothing wrong with NOT being tired at the end of the day. Consider yourself blessed.

Budget! With your finances and your life. Don’t spend on useless gadgets, and don’t give someone your time if they truly aren’t worth it. You’re allotted but a set amount, both with time and money. Use it wisely.

I do not like coffee.. Trying again in 5 years.

Nothing is better, and I mean nothing, than getting both kids to bed and still having time to spare alone with my husband. Setting aside time for your marriage is a MUST.

Don’t buy cheap clothes if you don’t have to. Quality not quantity.

I’m more accepting of my personality since I started blogging. It’s almost as if i’m getting to know myself again. Being an introvert has its perks. I’m owning it.

Social media is no place for dirty laundry.. Seriously, don’t be that person.

Comparing yourself to others is self destructing. (still working on this)

Also, you cannot compare yourself to someone and be their friend at the same time. Jealousy and bitterness will overcome that friendship.

My Mom is right 99.9% of the time. That other 1% I’m right.. and it’s mostly me being right about being wrong.

I am pretty freaking crafty. I’d rather bust out another DIY then overpay for a piece I can do myself.

The way you act affects the way your children will act.

There’s a lot of people who would rather stop talking to you before they even think to apologize.. Who cares. Let them go. I’ve had my fair share of those types this year.

Be grateful for every moment you have. Every single one.

As the countdown begins take the time to reflect on this year. 2015 may be in our past very soon but the lessons will stay with us forever.


Thank you for following me on this journey!

What are some lessons you’ve learned this year?

  • Anonymous

    Happy New year Shirri you made it through 2015.Love you OMA

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