Why I’m Okay With Being An Open Book

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on December 30, 2015

Before I started blogging I was a super private person. My Instagram wasn’t public because I was a afraid of what others might stay about my life and how I was living it. It was a completely rational thought, I know.

I would watch others share their life stories, day by day, and wonder why anyone would be okay with that.

I’m okay being an open book because of the way it makes me feel. It assures me that I really have nothing to hide, what you see is what you get. I believe it shows others that you’re completely comfortable with your life, and most importantly, with yourself.

I love writing about my family. I love sharing my thoughts. I love taking snapshots of the world going on around me. It makes me happy.

I lay it all on the line to relate to so many mothers, wives, and daughters. In return I am building friendships with so many. Friendships that otherwise wouldn’t blossom if I had kept myself and my thoughts into a tiny little box.

Being an open book is not a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong though, I used to portray is as such. When you’re open you allow others to trust what you say, and for my blog I feel like that is very important.

It’s important for me to post on my main social media platform, Instagram, daily. I am merely making sure there are no missing pages to my story. Because I believe my story and my thoughts can help a girl out in so many ways.

That’s what blogging is really all about. Showing the world what you’re all about and owning it. Displaying the life of a normal person, not some Kardashian, because really, who the hell can relate to them?

I sincerely hope I have inspired you in some way. If you haven’t shoot me a line from my contact me tab in the menu bar. Let’s chat!

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Your turn! Do you consider yourself an open book? 

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