Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack

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on December 28, 2015

Okay so, a couple months back I traded in our western rustic bedroom for the modern, elegant room of my dreams. When I think modern I immediately get an itch to roam Ikea for 2 hours.

Which is exactly what I did.

I purchased the entire Hemnes bedroom suite and my husband and I had everything set up in less than 48 hours. Doesn’t sound impressive, huh? Well, Ikea can sell their products so cheap because you’re forced to put them together yourself, or pay an extra fee.

As the DIY couple my husband and I are we took on the challenge. If I might say, our furniture hasn’t fallen apart yet.

Enough rambling.

Wandering through Lowes, scouring the after Christmas sales, I stumbled upon this white marble shelf liner.

Right?! Fake it till you make it.

This liner was so easy to measure and cut. Thankfully the width of the roll and the width of the Hemnes nightstand are pretty on point. So I only needed to cut one simple time.

Once I applied the liner and scraped all the little bubbles out I wrapped that sucker like a present. (Cutting the corners, folding them in, so on and so fourth.)

The coverage was amazing and the end result added some custom sweetness to our cave.


As far as I’ve seen, this laminate peel and stick is only in stores at Lowes, and it’s about 7 dollars for a 25 square foot roll.

I may have purchased what was left on the shelf..

So many possibilities! I am currently having a hard time not doing the tops of my dressers and every other surface in my house for that matter.

However, I know that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Give this stuff a try and let me know how you use it! Click the links below for products.

Ikea Hemnes Nightstand /Marble Shelf Liner


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