Stop Being Busy

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on December 13, 2015

When I first started blogging and gaining followers I unknowingly put my main priorities on the back burner. There were mornings when I would wake up and instantly plan writing topics, Instagram posts, the whole 9 yards. I would get so bad that I could not set my phone down for the life of me.

I was finally passionate about something and I was worried that if I dropped it, even for a day, I would fall out of love with my new “thing”. That’s just who I am, I rarely finish things. But I LOVE writing.

Weeks went by and I was getting great feedback. I wanted more. That fire lit up inside of me to make Stringfellow and Company something great. I drove myself to be busy.

I spent all of my downtime planted in front of my laptop, and still, I felt like Stringfellow and Company needed more of my attention.

It didn’t.

My kids needed me and my husband needed me. They needed me to be present. One thing I was lacking due to my newest obsession.

When I finally realized what I was doing and how I was neglecting so much it was easy for me to whip back into shape. I learned how to juggle the mom life, being a wife, and working towards becoming a known blogger/ writer.

Here’s the thing.. You cannot give anything your all when you push other priorities aside.

Theres a fine line between doing something you love and completely obsessing over it. Right now I am doing something that I love, and I am doing it right. I am not busy anymore.

Take a minute to evaluate your life. I know it can get busy and downright chaotic but there is ALWAYS another way.

My point is simple. Technology has found a way to be a blessing and a curse. I’m willing to bet whenever you declare yourself as “too busy” theres some form of laptop, smartphone,  or iPad involved.

Turn it off. Look up for once. Be present.



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