Its My Birthday And I’ll Blog If I Want To

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on December 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to me! 25 whole years of living and boy do I feel like I should be a tad bit older by now! The first 19 years of my life were all fun and games, then I became a Mother at 20 and I learned a new, equally tiring, form of fun. However this Motherhood fun seems to age my mind quicker than my body. It’s give and take right??

Seeing as how this is my free pass of a blog post today I figured I’d shine some light on who I am as a person. Not a Mother. Not a Wife. Just Shirri Rae.

Sounds fun right? I thought so.

First of all, I take Birthdays pretty seriously. Even if they aren’t mine. Birthdays should be celebrated and you’re allowed to cry if you want to. (Tons of pun intended)

Having a December birthday is tough. Every year I get the “What do you want for your birthday AND Christmas?” question and my head spins. As a kid it was awesome, now it’s overkill. Meaning I probably sound way too greedy sharing my Birthday/Christmas list.


Regardless, I am typing on my brand spankin’ new laptop. My old one was SO massive and bulky, plus it would never hold a charge. It was literally my ball and chain while blogging. Off with it’s head!

Im in love with quartz countertops but we don’t own our humble abode, so my laptop wallpaper is a picture of a quartz “countertop”. I’m almost there! Dreaming big!

I wish I wasn’t such a fast cleaner. Sometimes I get too productive and I open up more space to clean more things.. I like being productive but enough is enough already.

I’m almost 100% sure I’m addicted to my phone.

Oh, and Google. Google is my life. ALL THE ANSWERS.

I hate fruity smells. Do I want my house, car, even my perfume, to smell like a farmers market on steroids? Nope. I stick with warm smells.. If that’s even a thing. Think vanilla and jasmine.

Lately I’ve gotten into make-up and fashion trends. It’s not that I never really cared before, I just never wanted to venture out of my comfort zone.

25 years and I’m finally learning how to put real makeup on?! I know I’m so behind. There’s 12 year olds who can highlight and contour better than I can. Whatever.

I’d like to think of myself as a Professional Napper. This one time, I fell asleep at the dinner table feeding my son. He was still being looked after so don’t worry! My Husband seriously let me be. I was face down in the kitchen for a good 30 minutes.

I’m so excited that my birthday landed on a Saturday this year! My 30th birthday will also be on a Saturday, I’d like to use that as a sign from God telling me my 30’s are going to be pretty awesome and I cannot wait.

I’m not worried about getting older. I remember looking at people in their 20’s and thinking that they had life figured out. Now that I’m here I realize your 20’s are mostly running around in circles with your head cut off, loosing friends, making new friends, battling those stupid credit scores and tripping over things.

I’m so excited to celebrate my Birthday with my handsome husband!

I’m carefully deliberating whether or not I’m actually going to publish this post, mostly because this was supposed to be fun facts, and it turned into straight up rambling.

Whatever. It’s my Birthday.

What are some fun tid-bits about you??










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