“You Don’t Have To Hug Everyone”

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on November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away! What are you doing for the holiday? My family is having a small get together. However, I am really excited for our small gathering. No family drama, not a drop of animosity in the room, just the people who love and respect us genuinely. Can you say heck yes?!

I’ve recently stumbled upon a real eye opening article which I thought was a topic being taken out of proportion, you can read it by clicking [HERE]. I’ve been skimming through past Holiday dinners and I figured one common factor in all of them. Something that I have to constantly do, and quite frankly, something I feel I need to let up on.

My oldest son Wyatt is incredibly shy around new people, and family members he’s not around often. When he’s home he is a very loving and respectful young man toward his Daddy and I. However, at most of our past gatherings I find myself “forcing” him to say hello to someone, or to even hug someone. Most days I’ll reassure him that he doesn’t need to hug everyone if he doesn’t want to. A statement that really makes him comfortable and at ease and now I completely understand why. This got me thinking.. should I seriously be forcing my child to hug someone against his will?

Now by forcing I obviously don’t mean pushing him into others and prying his arms open. I just always seem to emphasize on making sure he knows that hugging loved ones is normal. He’s 4, he does not need to be okay with hugging everyone. In my opinion I think the greatest thing a child can be, in their early years, is shy.

I believe a shy child is naturally cautious, and I take comfort in knowing that my son will think twice before engaging with someone he doesn’t recognize.

If your child doesn’t want to hug and kiss everyone that should be okay, right? What are your thoughts on the article I linked above? I’d love to hear from you!

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