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on November 18, 2015

Quick update on the blog: Okay, my 7 day leave was a bit much. Don’t you think? In the back of my mind I’ve been rethinking my vision for this blog of mine. If you haven’t already noticed I designed myself a brand new banner. Pretty, huh? As far as my blog’s content, I’ve reorganized it a bit, and decided to delete some worthless ramblings that don’t really contribute to my vision for Stringfellow and Company. It’s a work in progress and probably will be for quite some time. I am a nit picker, and I’ve finally accepted that.

Any who, I want to catch y’all up on what’s been happening on our little piece of Texas, here at home. It’s been really great!! However this “adulting” thing is pretty dang hard. My Husband and I are at a crossroads trying to figure out what part of town to live in. Westin is a full blown babbler and has the attitude of a teenager and Wyatt is turning into such a little man and I can’t handle our “grown up” conversations at times. He knows so much about the world and it scares me a little.

We’ve really been trying to spend our down time relaxing, which rarely ever happens. It’s either a night full of play time until its time for bed, or we are looking over finances and planning days at the dinner table. It’s safe to say ONE night this week we actually did end up on the couch after little brother went to sleep. Yay, us!


During all of this chaos, beautiful chaos I might add, we are letting the idea of having another little Stringfellow float around in our minds for a little while. It’ll happen I’m sure, but trying to plan it at the right time is proving to be more exhausting than actually having a third child. Don’t quote me on that, I know having three children is hard. My parents tell me all the time.

You wanna know what it’s like having more children? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.

-Jim Gaffigan

The Holidays are among us and the tree is officially put up. I don’t care how early I might be but our family is having a tiny Thanksgiving, and saving the big gathering for Christmas. Anyhow we had to buy a new Christmas tree because our old tree was testing my patience. It looked beautiful right?


Seriously, getting all of the lights to turn on at the same time was way too much work. And having a 7 1/2 foot tree in our living room, with a toddler walking around, made my stomach turn. Plus, as you can see in the picture, the spot I wanted the tree in this year was pretty small. So, we now have a pencil tree, super thin at the bottom and goes up to a pretty little point. It also fits perfectly into that little corner! The morning after we put the new tree up I was eager for Westin to see it, and to see if he would try to mess with it, pull on the lights off, the usual toddler things. Of course, he did not even care about the brightly lit evergreen in the corner. It was as if he had seen it his whole life. Go figure.

On to another subject, I’ve started trying to drink coffee.. Yes, you’ve read that right, trying. I have a horrible addiction to energy drinks and my goal is to cut back a little before the first of the year. If I can force myself to get used to a single cup coffee in the morning I’ll be a happy camper. I’ve tried sugar, I’ve tried milk, different creamers and even whipped cream but the fact still remains that ALL coffee tastes like dirt to me. So, if you’re an experienced coffee drinker please give me some pointers. My liver will greatly appreciate it. Here is my try at a Mocha Latte on Sunday morning, total fail.


Also, during my hiatus I had the pleasure of joining my Mom at the Nutcracker Market in Houston this past weekend. KID FREE. I cannot even explain how amazing my day was. I was able to hop in the truck and just go, I made bathroom trips alone, I could walk around and look at anything I wanted, AND I could finally hold a conversation with my Mom without hearing “Mimi, Momma, are you guys listening to me?”. It was well overdue. There’s not many occasions where I’ll get out of the house alone. I don’t really like to. Mainly because if I’m able to get out and do something I want my husband to go with me so we can have our alone time together.

Other than that we’ve just been over here living life. Trying to plan it all, falling a couple times, but always getting back up again.

By the way, if you’re on social media lets keep in touch!

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Have a great week friends!





  • Fitnessmomwinecountry

    Shirri, your blog looks great. I take time away from mine all the time and I want to be better at staying current. I saw a tree in our neighbors window last week, so I guess people have them up early. I have been playing the holiday music on the music channel and Pandora for two weeks now. I drink my coffee with Almond Milk only, but chances are you won’t enjoy that LOL Happy holiday season 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I agree, sometime little breaks are totally okay! I’ve been seeing Christmas trees since November 1st and it’s been hard holding out as long as I did. Our tree is up but I won’t decorate it fully until after Thanksgiving! I will try your Almond Milk coffee, I am willing to try anything right now. Thanks for the tip.

      Enjoy this holiday season as well! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Love the catch up post! I don’t know how you post so often, I am terrible at that, but I missed you for the week you didn’t post!

  • Also the blog looks fantastic<3

  • I love this! I felt bad that I kept missing some days! Glad I’m not the only one. Your blog is fabulous!

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