Well, Hello November

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on November 4, 2015

This year is disappearing so quickly.

November snuck up on me.. as do all the other months of the year but NOVEMBER is seriously here already. I feel like just a few weeks ago my husband and I were celebrating New Years Eve with our closest friends.. Then I blinked and here we are, 4 short days into November.

October was pretty crazy, and by crazy I mean pull my hair out, hold back the tears, crazy. Between getting ready for Westin’s birthday party, planning blog topics, everyday housewife and mother to-do’s and scouring the edge of the earth for Halloween costumes I might have had a breakdown. A tiny breakdown, is there even such a thing?

Wyatt is learning how to push our buttons and Westin may have just figured out the mega tantrums he is capable of. The eye rolls and loud “UGH’S” I receive from my 4 year old when I tell him to do something get my blood boiling to the point where I have to take a breather most days. Westin, bless his heart, gets so angry when things don’t go his way. He’ll throw his binky on the floor, stare at me for a little bit with those eyebrows in full frown mode, occasionally make an irate noise, pick his binky back up and carry on like nothing even happened. Leaving me standing there behind him, baffled, wondering where my innocent little newborn went, helplessly waiting for this stage to pass.

It can’t last much longer, I refuse to be the Mother with loud, obnoxious children that burst out into anger without any remorse. I think that’s why any small sign of a change in their ability to keep calm stresses me out. I hold them up to high expectations about how they should act, and they are really great boys, so when they start sliding down that incline I do not hesitate to interfere, like a Mother should. To me it’s necessary to be somewhat strict, and for that, I know I am doing this to myself. Being a parent is hard.. when you’re doing it right. This year, month by month, new challenges have surfaced and I have grown indefinitely. This I know. With these rushing months also comes growth, and at least I have noticed these new qualities in myself.

Walking through the mall yesterday, seeing Christmas Decorations galore, made me wonder if my whole life will go this fast. Am I not living in the moment or is this just how fast life flies by when you’re constantly on the go? I can’t grasp my head around how my days seem to be racing past me, turning into weeks, months, and even years, before I even get to enjoy them. Within a few weeks we’ll be stringing those Christmas lights once again, creating fresh memories of this Holiday season.

I need to learn to take it all in and to appreciate every day that God is giving me.

I need to learn to let the little things go. Bask in the moment that is today and just breath. Boys will be boys. They will push my buttons, get on my nerves, and throw tantrums regardless of how great of a Mother I try to be.

Believe me when I say that I am the biggest over thinker and that I plan things entirely too much. Especially now, during the Holidays, my mind is nothing short of a packed mall on Christmas Eve.

This time of year is when we come together to reflect on the past months. Those cute wooden words in Hobby Lobby that say Thankful and Rejoice are made for a reason besides decoration, believe it or not. I am thankful for this beautiful chaos that is my life and I will rejoice in my ability to wake up and concur it all.

I want to wish all my readers a happy easy-going start to the 2015 Holidays. A reminder to slow down and let life happen to you. Make it a priority to be with your family, not only this time of the year but all year long. Remember to stop once and a while to breath, reflect on your life, and just be.

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  • I highly agree! This year seems to have crept up on me. It has gone by in a flash. I am learning to take it all in and enjoy the day like my kids do. Sometimes we need to be the students and learn from them! <3 I just love your blog!

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