Tips & Tricks To Take Amazing Photos Of Your Kids (With An iPhone)

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on October 28, 2015

Photographing kids is tough when you factor in their lack of ability to sit still and to cooperate. When it comes to my kiddos I found its a lot easier to endure the photo snapping duty myself rather than hire someone.If all I need are some snaps of them for myself its much easier on me and our family’s budget. Recently I took my boys to a park and I was able to get some amazing shots, just my Husband and I.. and an iPhone. I am in no way a photographer, I don’t know angles, how to get the perfect light in pictures, or exposures, I just winged it and some awesome pictures came out of it all. IMG_3783

Here’s a tid bit: Your children are comfortable with you, when you bring a stranger in with a camera they may tend to freeze up for the entirety of the shoot making candid moments a little tough, at least my children do. Learning to photograph your children yourself will make recording memories effortless.

Find the perfect time. This is an obvious one here, schedule your session when your children are the happiest. Work around them as much as you can. If you have an early bird be prepared to wake up before the crack of dawn, from what I’ve heard the morning sun is a great backdrop for pictures. However, my children are not morning people, they get that from their Mother. We may never see a morning sun rising in the background of any of our pictures.

Stay organized. Pack up all your backdrops, props, and outfits before hand. The last thing your child needs is to see you stressed out gathering all the supplies at the last minute. It will set a bad mood right off the get-go.

Keep calm, snap on. When you arrive and get everything set up in the perfect place it may be hard to be easy on your kids.. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get harsh with them. If you do you might as well pack up and try for another day. No child wants to be threatened within 3 feet of his life to smile, or to hug his brother. If things don’t work out bribe them with a sucker, or some other snack that isn’t messy, and continue to snap pictures for that candid look.


Go ahead and act a fool. Fall on the ground and roll around, jump up and down, make funny animal noises. Your kiddos will let the cutest belly laughs out, which in my opinion make a better picture than posing and saying cheese. When my husband and I went to take these pictures he was behind me pulling all sorts of stunts, it made for some great pictures. IMG_3781Just keep holding the button. Take advantage of the continuous shutter option on your iPhone. It happens when you hold down the little white dot on your screen, the more you hold it the more potential moments you might have just captured. image1 (13)

Edit, edit, edit. When you’re finished the goal is to have a massive amount of pictures. It may seem overwhelming but its better than not having enough to narrow down. Ever wonder why it takes a while to get your photos back after a professional session? They take a ton of pictures to make sure they have enough variety. Take your time and narrow those moments down little by little. Don’t be afraid to hit delete if there is an eye sore in one of those snaps. However, don’t be too picky either, find a happy medium of what you expect in your pictures. Finally, edit those babies. I edited most of these pictures straight off of my iPhone and it was super easy. Here’s a great example.


The picture on the left was exactly how I shot it, before the editing. Pulling up my editing tool on my iPhone I was able to completely transform the lighting and the colors. Crazy, right?! Not too shabby if I say so myself. I used the light and color tool. It took a few minutes to really study what was changing in the picture, if the light looked great his face was too bright, when I played with the color tool the picture somehow turned to a blue tone, and so on and so fourth.. Just keep working with it, maybe try an app, and you’re good to go.

If you have any questions about this article please don’t hesitate to contact me!! Please acknowledge my disclaimer at the bottom of this page. These pictures of my sweet boys are mine, please do not save, or print, without my permission. FullSizeRender (4)Disclaimer: IMG_3765

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