A Package From Omak And A Trip Down Memory Lane 

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on October 14, 2015

Today I recieved a package from my Grandma Trina! Which prompted this post.. I may not have working Wifi at the moment, but I’m itching to share this story with y’all. So here I am, sitting in front of my worthless laptop, typing on my phone. If this post looks a little funny you’ll understand why.

I love getting packages from my Grandma. She always finds the CUTEST knickknacks from the small shops in Omak. She sent me a journal with a quote on the cover that reads, “She’s real without even trying and that right there is natural beauty.”. I love it. In the letter enclosed she writes ” I love reading your blog- Next.. The #1 Best Selling Novel!!” In due time Grandma, you’ll see. And when that dream comes true you are coming with me on all of my book tours.

 My Grandma is a remarkable woman. Most, if not all, of my writing obsession comes from her. She’s always been amazing with the written word. She told me a story, not too long ago, about how she would write letters to her Mother about life on their ranch. Her Mother, my Great Grandmother Helen, would bring those letters to the beauty salon and read them to her friends. They would all burst into laughter because the letters were so funny, while they were reading they felt as if they had witnessed everything first hand.. That, my friends, is what writing is all about. Being able to take the reader with you on your written journey. My Grandma told me “I don’t understand why they thought my letters were so funny, I was simply writing about our life on the ranch, and what crazy things the kids got themselves into.”.

My Grandparents owned a ranch and an apple orchard back in the day. Can you imagine the beauty of waking up every morning, smelling the crisp Washington air, walking through the apple orchard and basking in all that nature has to offer? It was truly magical. If there is anything as close to Heaven, it is Washington.

IMG_3814-0I had the pleasure of living 5 years of my life in Washington. The pleasure of being near my Grandparents for a few short years.. Then life happened, and well, we had to pack up and move to Colorado. I don’t remember much from those 5 years but I’d like to think I remember more than any toddler would remember.

I remember the tiny Grocery that still stands on Main Street to this day. My Mother used to work a few shifts there to help out the sweet lady who owns it. I was allowed to roam free down the candy isle, so I was kind of a big deal.

I remember riding the tractor with my Grandpa through the fields. The evening sun piercing my eyes. So cold at times, I felt as if my insides were chattering from the wind.

I remember one Halloween when I dressed up as a dinosaur. Walking through the small town collecting candy, knowing everyone we came across. I remember coming home and waiting impatiently for my parents to inspect my candy so I could eat every last bit.

I remember driving up the dirt road to my Grandparents house in a battery powered yellow Jeep called the Sand Blaster. My cousin and I even got to drive it through the parade when my Grandpa was running for County Commissioner. We would drive that Jeep until either the battery died or the wheels fell off. The wheels never fell off, so we rode that Jeep until it was totally out of commission.

I have a picture of this but I also remember it happening very vividly. It was my 3rd birthday, a cold December day, and we were all at the ranch. My cake was the cutest chocolate teddy bear cake. When I went to blow out my candles my Grandpa swooped me up quickly, gave me a big hug and leaned me over in his arms to blow out my candles.

Just goes to show you how quickly life can change in an instant. I had to leave everything I’ve ever known, I was only 5 so at the time I never realized what was actually happening when we moved. However, I always knew I had 2 remarkable Grandparents living somewhere else than me. I grew up, and like most, life got busy. I lost contact with them, and I wish I never have. Even though I was MIA they were always with me, thinking about me, and E-Mailing me. It’s a good feeling knowing you were never forgotten.

A couple months back I finally made my way back to Washington, It was a good 10 years overdue. It was like time had stood still. To my surprise there was still a place left exactly how it should be. Omak is a small town, with no need to develop like crazy. The locals are the friendliest people you will ever meet.

My Grandmother hasn’t changed a bit, even though she’ll tell you she has, still beautiful as ever. My Grandfather is still the most kind hearted man I have ever known. Sitting in their house with them was the best feeling ever. I didn’t need to go anywhere or see anything. I was perfectly fine knowing that I was actually there. I was able to talk to them and see reactions on their face. I was able to hug them and hold them as long as I wanted to.

I wish I could get in the car with my boys and drive 30 minutes to see them.

I wish I could drop by every other day.

I wish I could call them up, ask them if they need anything from the store and bring it to them.

Too many take those simple things for granted. Too many overlook their family members simply because they are just right down the road. But what would you do if they weren’t just right down the road, but an entire weekends drive away, or a 5 hour and $1,2000 plane ticket away?  What would you do If you couldn’t create memories but only phone calls? Phone calls are memories, I know, But if you could choose over a phone call or a face to face conversation which would you choose? Exactly.

I’m sure there are many who are in the same shoes as I am. Its nothing new, family members get separated all the time. Although, for me, I feel like I am missing out on so much. Yes, my life at home is great. Wonderful really, I love the people who are close to me and I don’t take that for granted one bit. There’s just always that little voice inside my head wondering what’s going on in Washinton. “How is everyone in Washington?”. “How are my Grandma Trina and Grandpa Doug doing?”

Its something I’m still learning to live with. It seems the older I get the more I think about it.

My Grandma always tells me “You cannot change the past, live with it, and look towards the future instead.” We still have many years together. I am not worried about that one bit. My Husband and I look forward to taking the boys on a 2 day road trip through some beautiful states and up to Washington.

Over the mountain and through the woods to Omak we’ll go! And it will be nothing short of incredible.

I love you Grandma and Grandpa. 🙂

  • I’m from Washington and couldn’t agree with your comment more of it being like heaven <3. Enjoyed your story. Grandparents are truly God's gift. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing your feelings about your grand mother with us. I remember my grandma and miss her so much.

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