Mayka, baby.

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on October 13, 2015

Happy Tuesday, friends!! I learned something really great today. Through the entire month of October, PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need whenever a PEDIGREE® product is purchased at Sam’s Club for PEDIGREE Pet Month. In honor of this great cause I want to share you the story of our furry little family member, Mayka.


My husband had gotten her from a friend, for free, simply because if the original owners didn’t find this sweet girl a home she would have ended up in the pound. When I met Scott he had already had her so, naturally, they were a package deal. Never in my life have I witnessed such an obedient dog. She wasn’t forced to be that way either, that’s just the way she is. She’d rather be calm, cool, and collective, than all up in your space. I LOVE it.

When Scott and I moved in together, April of 2013, we decided it’d be better if she stayed with Scott’s Dad. He has a yard and tons of space to run around in. An apartment in a big city wasn’t the place for her. When winter finally came around we just HAD to bring her home with us. It was a cold and rainy winter and no animal should have to endure that. When we brought her home I was worried to death about how Wyatt, my son who was 2 at the time, would react to her. Because a few months earlier he was bitten by another big dog which scared him so bad he wouldn’t go near another bigger dog again. My family always had little dachshunds and that’s all he was used to.

When Scott brought Mayka to our house for the first time, as expected, both of them were timid towards each other. Though Wyatt was more scared of Mayka, that’s for sure. Mayka was a bit confused wondering why she was in this tiny 2 bedroom apartment. But it had to be done, or else she would have had to stay outside all day during the winter. I was home all day with Wyatt so it was my pleasure. Not more than a few days later Wyatt and Mayka were inseparable. She would sleep outside his door until morning every night. Even today they are the best of friends.

She’s the best dog I’ve ever met. She’s quiet, she’s a big cuddle bug, and shes great with both of my sons. In fact, this smart girl knew when I was pregnant, she would sleep on my side of the bed during my entire pregnancy. I loved it. She will be a big part of our family until the dreaded day when she leaves us.



  • A dog isn’t just a pet! It is a part of your family! I just had to re-home my dalmation-pitt mix Cleo after almost 14 years together! It was a sad day. Good thing about it is she went to a dear friend and I can see her whenever I want! You have to love PEDIGREE® too!

  • Awwwww, too cute. Doggies are just such wonderful animals to have in your iife

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