DIY: Newborn Shadow Boxes

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on October 2, 2015

These pieces are so easy to do and once you’re done you’ll have a great memory right there on your wall. If you’re like me you hate to tuck memories back in a plastic tub, in the attic, where you’ll most likely never see them again. My house is filled with memories all perfectly set up for guests to see. I like to think of my house as a sort of shrine to my family’s life, like it should be right? I made these about 6 months ago so I don’t exactly have step-by-step pictures but I’ll be sure to tell you every detail so you can display your kiddos big debut!image1 (8)

What you’ll need:

  • All of your babies goodies from the hospital. Seriously, keep it ALL. The wristbands of both Daddy, baby, and yourself.
  • A picture of your little one.
  • A shadow box.. I picked these 2 up from Hobby Lobby for $17.00 each.
  • A patterned sheet of paper for the background, also at Hobby Lobby. A scrapbook page works best.
  • Patterned Washi Tape
  • Some cute scrapbook stickers
  • Sticker letters to spell out your little ones name
  • A hot glue gun

Start with the scrapbook paper and lay it out however you’d like, make sure to put little dabs of hot glue on each corner, you don’t want it falling down once its all hung up and pretty! Washi Tape is really not necessary but I used it to spruce the corners up a bit and add some more color. After I got the background all set I laid everything out first, to make sure it would all fit and that it wouldn’t look too cramped.Once you decide on a layout for yourself bust out the hot glue gun and go to town. Finally, you can add your newborns name, and the scrapbook stickers! Voila!


These pieces would work great in a collage wall or even in your little ones nursery. The birth of a newborn is such a great experience and now you get to relieve it every time you look up. Their little hats make me tear up just thinking how something so small used to fit on my big boys.Β If you plan on trying this project leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out for you!! Happy crafting!


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