We Had A Park Day

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on September 30, 2015

Today the boys and I enjoyed the cooler weather at a new park. By cooler I mean that it was still 90 degrees but we had a pretty consistent breeze. This was by far my favorite park I’ve ever taken them to. There are about 5 separate playgrounds within this one park, and ALL of them have baby swings. I’m not quite sure why its so hard to find baby swings in our town, but I’m glad that I finally did!

IMG_3378My pale little boy had a blast! As I would push him back he had a mini heart attack wondering exactly where he was going, but then on his way forward back to me he would laugh uncontrollably. Those same emotions continued back and forth and back and fourth. “Where are you going Mom?”, “Okay now I’m coming back to you!!”. The way Westin looks at the world stops me right in my tracks. He’s astonished by everything. He would hear the wind blow in his ear and just smile. The outdoors can do so much for children. You’d never tell that he just 30 minutes ago he was on the verge of a breakdown.Β IMG_3388Wyatt, my little brave man, could stay at the park all day long. What child wouldn’t? He’ll run around until both his shoes are untied and sweat is dripping from the mop of hair on top his head. Gotta love boys. As we were walking up to the slides he noticed that there were 2 little girls playing on them already, and one little girl was rather small, he told me he loved me and immediately ran right to her assistance. He helped her up the stairs, told her to hold on to rails, and even said her dress was pretty. This boy will be a total jackpot in his prime. He does get those tenancies from his Daddy, of course. The best role model a boy could have. He was so ready to run around with Westin and show him the ins and outs of the park. Every day with these boys is such a blessing. They are so much alike, yet so different in their own ways. We had a great day, just a Momma and her boys. I can already tell we are going to be park people this fall.. It sure beats sitting at home cleaning! :p

See y’all tomorrow for the start of my 30 Day Blog Challenge! I have a great friend joining me in this challenge, BRITTNECOLE! Follow her Blog for great workouts, stunning beauty tips and tricks and life happenings. Have a great night!!


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