DIY Refinished Vintage Highchair

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on September 25, 2015

Happy Friday ya’ll! Recently, I’ve started doing crafts and projects on Friday nights after the babies go to bed. Its been fun and pretty successful! I’ve finished quite a few projects but I’ll catch you up on those next Friday. My favorite project so far has been a Vintage wooden highchair, circa 1950.

I found it on good ole Craigslist listed for only $20.00 dollars!! The seller agreed to trade me for an old Fossil Bag that I had sitting in my closet for nearly 5 years. It was my first Barter, I was really proud of myself.. Can you say “Great Success!!”?!

Vintage Highchair DIY

Surely you could understand my excitement, finished highchairs, such as this one, sell for nearly $400.00. Just when I had thought I wouldn’t find a piece like this it popped up and I knew I HAD to have it. I’m obsessed with anything vintage and captivated with the way things used to be in the mid 1900’s. When I look at old pieces I cant help but wonder who it used to belong to and the history that’s behind it. In this post I’m going to show you exactly how I brought this highchair back to life!

First things first..

I made sure to wipe down the entire chair with a damp cloth, while wiping down I checked for little knacks so that  I could come back to them with a sanding block. Since I was using Chalk Paint there was no need to sand the entire thing.. So after I hand sanded the minor defects I was ready to prime! The primer I used is pictured below. KILZ Latex Primer. This stuff covers like none of your business and dries super fast. In one night I was able to lay on 3 coats of primer. Its recommended to prime in thin layers and let dry completely before adding any new layers. I may have rebelled against that “guideline” but hey, its just primer right?? Seriously though, take your time and make sure to cover any original flaws on the wood, you’ll be grateful later.

Vintage Highchair DIY

After priming you’re ready to paint!

I let the chair sit a week before painting it with Chalk paint, a Mothers life does get busy believe it or not, however letting it sit overnight should be just fine. The paint I decided to use is Americana Decor Chalky Finish in the color “Primitive”. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby for about $9.00. Its a real pale gray color, which was perfect because I needed something gender neutral to use for future photo shoots.

This paint went on effortlessly. Its a very thick formula, I’d compare it to the consistency of yogurt. I used a normal paint brush and just went to town. As with the primer, it took about 3 coats to get an even color. The paint dried in minutes and the finish was matte, like a Chalk board, hence the name “Chalk Paint”!!  I LOVE it.

Vintage Highchair Before and After

Just goes to show you how far a little bit of paint can go when you take the time and effort to restore old outdated pieces! Have you ever used Chalk Paint before? If so, what brand did you use and how did it preform?

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