If Our House Could Talk

Posted in Family, Real Life
on September 24, 2015

Now I had to really think hard about this topic for a while. As I was thinking back of all the memories our home holds I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed. We’ve lived at our current home for a little over a year and a half and within that time so much has happened. If our house could talk I’m sure it would be somewhere along the lines of this:

Our front door would feel ignored, simply because we don’t even use the dang thing. On second thought its probably pretty grateful that I painted it a more appealing color other than Beige, yuck. The hallway would tell stories of a little boy who speeds down it to his room, entirely too fast. The kitchen and dining room hold a million stories of Breakfast, Lunches, and Dinners being made, and the conversations of future plans for our family. Our Bedroom would recite pillow talk between my Husband and I reminiscing about when we first met. We do that a lot actually. Wyatt’s room would be filled with bedtime stories, and sound of that annoying toy that always found a way to go off at 1 Am. Westin’s room would express how calm the melodies of lullabies were, and the creaking of the rocking chair that helped him fall asleep in the arms of his parents. The Living Room, the heart of the home, would elaborate on the early mornings of feeding a newborn baby, and the late nights of when we just didn’t want to go to bed because we were having too much fun horse playing with Wyatt.

Its a sad feeling knowing that we’ll have to leave this house one day simply because it has become too small for us. We’ve achieved so much here. We’ve found a way to make this place a happy home. When we’re older, living in the house of our dreams, I know we’ll look back at this house every once and a while. We’ll remember not only the good times we’ve had but also all the hard times we’ve overcome while living here. We were blessed to find the house when we did, and I can only pray that the next transition to a new home will be just as simple.

I’ve never really sat down and thought about the memories our house holds. Normally, the only time I’d probably give it any thought is as we’re closing the door heading to a new house. Its been so eye opening thinking about my topics I’ve written about so far. These things have been rolling around in my head and now they are getting typed up and shared for the world to see. I hope you’ve enjoyed the articles I have to offer. Don’t ever forget to just breath! 

Thanks for reading!! -Rae

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