The Start of Something Great

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on September 23, 2015

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’m great at starting things that I never finish. I have a feeling that this blog will grow into more than just a hobby for me, this will be my 3rd child. I will tend to this everyday and connect with everyone who visits my site. Stringfellow & Company may sound like an uptight Law Firm but I’m going to roll with it and show everyone what that great last name means to me.

The main reason I have started this blog today is my Husband. He’s known my love for writing ever since I hand wrote those 3 page vows on our wedding day.. Oh, and every letter I’ve written during one of our arguments.  He’s told me for a while now to just start writing, but for some reason I never would. I wasn’t too busy, or even overwhelmed at the idea. Its something that I never really thought about until today. I woke up to a normal Tuesday. Westin, crying through the monitor and Wyatt, asleep in the bed next to me. I had no plans of resetting my old laptop to factory settings, which took 2 excruciating hours, pulling out that debit card and purchasing a “.com”. Nope, today was just normal and all of a sudden I was kicked into gear and finally did it. And I am so glad I did. My head is racing with so many topics that I never thought about before. Which leads me to this conclusion.. You seriously cannot force anything upon yourself if your subconscious just doesn’t want you to do it yet.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, everything will eventually fall into place when its good and ready. And if it doesn’t seem in place, well then, just keep waiting, and keep living your life. God already has your story written, he knows what journey you will embark on next. No matter what that journey is you’ll learn something from it and, believe it or not, be in a better place than you were before.. Right now I am here for a reason, writing this, when I could be planted on the couch watching some stupid reality show.. But I seriously digress, a whole paragraphs worth!

Back to what I was saying earlier.. Today was a normal day. Until the boys and I decided to drive into town to get some dinner. On the way we happened to pass an old employer of mine. I told Scott how much I really missed that job and how good I was at it. He simply turned his head and said “You were good at it because you set your mind to it, you’d be great at anything you set your mind to, Babe.” Really? Can I be anymore blessed to get to sleep beside that every night?? It may seem like a simple compliment to y’all, but for some reason that sentence was the highlight of my day. It’s still with me now as I write this. I can do this, and I will do this. And in the process of this I hope to find out more about myself and most importantly help others find themselves a friend, someone they can relate to.

So there’s that, my first post! The Start of Something Great. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Remember to breath and let life happen to you, it all comes together in the end.

Until next time! -Rae

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